Canadian Actress Kim DeLonghi talks upcoming Hallmark holiday film

Famed Actress Kim DeLonghi says there was never a moment where she wondered what to do with her life. She knew from the time she was a child that she was destined to pursue acting. However, she worried it was not a viable career, and spent years working at a bank to support her family. Once her children were grown, she knew that she was ready to become the actress she was destined to be.

“It was something that was just in my heart and it chose me, I didn’t choose it,” she said.

Now, DeLonghi is an in-demand actress in her home country of Canada and abroad. From national commercials for EB Games to the Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning The Handmaid’s Tale, DeLonghi’s face is instantly recognizable. She knows how to captivate an audience, and always entertains.

DeLonghi is currently looking forward to one of her more recent projects, New Year’s Kiss, to air later this year. The movie is part of The Hallmark Channel’s iconic Christmas lineup, and tells the story of Kelly Hartwick, a rock-star creative director who receives an advertising award on the same night she has a devastating break-up. She then swears off dating in order to focus on a major Christmas ad campaign. However, this becomes difficult when a kind, homeless man, somewhat similar to Santa, tries to set Kelly on the path to true happiness while her best friend tries a different approach to happiness – online dating.

“This is a feel-good movie romance and a Christmas special. These movies are important during the holiday season to get everyone in the mood for Christmas. There has been a rise in these movies recently as people love to watch them,” said DeLonghi.

In New Year’s Kiss, DeLonghi plays Claudia, Kelly’s boss, a short tempered, no fuss no muss kind of character. She expects more from her employees than what is asked of them and only the best. She has no time for people who are giving anything less than 110 per cent. Her employees would work all night on a project, but if they missed a step, the next day they would be taken off the project. She never complimented or congratulated anyone for their achievements, and is an integral character for the plot development. Without revealing any spoilers, Claudia’s attitude drives Kelly and the other employees to make some key decisions about their futures.

“I really liked the script and I was playing a “bitchy” role which I have never played before. Everyone hated me and was against me in this movie which was kind of fun. It was a perfect fit and I played a great villain. I loved playing this character,” said DeLonghi.

As a mother of three children, being upset and annoyed is not a new feeling for DeLonghi, and she channeled those feelings when playing Claudia. She found it fun getting into the mindset of the character and playing around with such extreme emotions. She also loved her costumes, as she was always in a sophisticated wardrobe that exemplified Claudia’s superiority complex.

“The crew was great and professional. Also, the script was fun, and I loved playing the character of Claudia,” said DeLonghi.

New Year’s Kiss will premiere in November on the Hallmark channel, as well as many other channels in countries all over the world. Check it out, not only to watch DeLonghi’s memorable performance, but also to get in the holiday spirit.

By Annabelle Lee
June 25th, 2019

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