Interview with creative writer Arzoo Zaheer

Arzoo Zaheer is a creative writer and a poetess; she is also a certified Technical Writer and a certified Event Planner. Arzoo runs the blog Dot's Writing Dojo where she shares many things including her best memories, poetry, lucid dreams, essays, and writing tips. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are some critical relevant concepts within the topic of abuse?

Since I am an ENFP, I like teamwork, genuine and warm interactions, long-lasting relationships, and influencing without gross manipulation. Our current world is going through chaos that includes wars, illegal governments, and weather disturbances. During such harsh times, addressing the concept of abuse as it takes place in households, communities, and societies has become very important. I intend to use my writing and event planning activities to address the following topics:

• Racism and White Saviour Complex
• Workplace harassment as it takes place in Canada
• Narcissism which is on rise in the world but is ignored because people are afraid of being triangulated into situations that have nothing to do with them
• Lack of information on different personality types, which can lead to further exploitation
• Mistreatment and discrimination of the Canadian colored and minority communities
• Abuse within dysfunctional families, which are on the rise
• Misogyny, pornography, rape, and rape culture
• Abuse of poor by the rich, which is made possible by controlling money, knowledge, resources, and funds
• Abuse of Muslims throughout the globe

Speaking from your experience, how does writing and poetry help you and victims of abuse?

My struggle with expressing myself through writing and poetry began at a very young age when I learned how to read books and sing songs. The final push in the right direction occurred when I felt being discriminated against while living in Canada—I strongly feel that some Canadians offer racism in many hidden ways. Thus, I prayed to God that I needed an outlet; and, then I was somehow able to effectively channel thoughts in form of poetry and writing. These activities helped me improve my personal and social identity; and, I was able to challenge others about how bad relationships, racism, neglect, and stereotypes deteriorate characters, circumstances, and societies. I recommend that victims of abuse use writing and poetry to express their emotions and injuries since it is therapeutic to do so. It works! As I strived further in my journey, I overcame the negativity I had encountered; made friends with local and international artists and Human Rights advocates; and, gained recognition and respect from a diverse audience.

Why is being aware about women abuse important?

Modern societies are suffering in many ways; and, women abuse is just one of the harsh methods that are currently in place to ensure extinction of mankind. I have been watching many talented women fight against their abusers in a very helpless manner; and, I feel that their potential and lives are being destroyed.

I am a Lucid Dreamer; and, thus, I sometimes get dreams that later come true. In one of my dreams I asked a voice, “What will happen if I did not help out with Human Rights related issues?” The voice showed me a scene where I saw some well-known Rights Activists being slaughtered like animals. I woke up and realized that this dream was tying into something much bigger.

You must have heard the argument that protecting women is very important because they play a pivotal role in growing humans and building societies. In addition, my dreams have taught me that women are very important in creating peace. After seeing these dreams, I have started believing that today there are more wars and civil unrest because there are fewer female leaders. Learning about what afflicts the women and girls of this world will only ensure survival of mankind.

How to recognize abuse; and, what kind of resources do you provide to help victims find support services?

Recognizing abuse does not come from experience because victims become numb towards their needs and also tend to hide information; thus, one must learn about signs and types of abuse. Nowadays, we can google anything like “how do I know I am being stalked?” The problem is not lack of awareness; the real issue here is lack of integration. Therefore, I am urging women to step up and become buddies with neglected or abused women; this is an example of “Amplification” where females get more attention towards their demands and comments by agreeing with each other.

I believe that abused women are like the rest of us; they just need a bit of direction and advice before they become fully functional again. This is why I am using myself as the primary resource. I offer help in person whenever I meet someone who needs my help; I offer friendship if someone is in dire need; and, I use Telepathy and Lucid Dreams to protect women. Furthermore, I am running a Facebook group “Forgotten Femmes”, which offers advice and resources to abused women. Specifically, I have shared some details about the “Buddy System”; how to get employed; where to find free courses including courses on computers; importance of multiple streams of income; community information including shelters, help lines, and violence management programs; mental health information including free online support groups; importance of online activism; and, the role of lucid dreams in preventing abuse and healing.

"Journey and learn". Photo of Niagara Falls, Canada by Arzoo Zaheer

What is your dream?

My most important dream is to teach people especially women about how to use Telepathy and Lucid Dreams. I once protected a woman who was in my circle of friends simply because I used to get repeat nightmares about her. I investigated later on and found out that she was being abused; immediately, I became her buddy and attempted my best to help her walk away. Another set of these incredible dreams are about my heroes and heroines. It’s a great feeling dreaming about a key figure with whom I have connected only through the net or once in my life. This is why I want to teach these concepts to everyone. See blog categories “Lucid Dreams” and “Psychic Realm”.

Another dream is to improve the “Forgotten Femmes” group. I want to create events dedicated to abused women and women rights; and, I also want to increase the number of members and build a management team.

I also wish to create an Interfaith event that will have discussions on World Peace, #MeToo, and Women Rights. The reason I want women to have a strong presence in this Interfaith event is that I want people to understand that neglecting women would crush peace efforts and future of humanity.

Lastly, I wish to publish my written works. I am currently working on my first book “Intertwined”, which is where I will share my poetry and lucid dreams; my second novel, “She: The Mirror” is going to be about women abuse and its dangerous impact.

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