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Not Wrong for the Wrong Cheerleader: Andreas Norberg

Establishing a loyal audience is a requirement for success regardless of what business you are in. When it comes to the film industry, it’s a factor which contributes longevity to the artists involved. A familiar viewer is an engaged viewer. The Wrong Cheerleader is a part of a connected film series that includes: The Wrong Boy Next Door, The Wrong Mommy, The Wrong Stepmother, and The Wrong Tutor. These intertwined stories star such recognizable talents as Vivica A. Fox of Quentin Tarantino’s Golden Globe Nominated Kill Bill, Christine Prosperi of the quadruple Primetime Emmy Award nominated Degrassi: The Next Generation, Andreas Norberg (of Nightingale), and David Meza (of HBO’s hit series Euphoria). Director David DeCoteau along with writers Jeffrey Schenck and Peter Sullivan have crafted this series to present different perspectives; a very timely approach in this era of social media and differing news interpretations. Norberg in particular stands out as Brian in The Wrong Cheerleader with tremendous charisma and skill.

The final film in the series, The Wrong Cheerleader stars Christine Prosperi as Becky with Norberg as her love interest [Brian]. The romantic couple and their group of friends must figure their way out of the mystical events which transpire, brought about by a malevolent villain. Specific to this film is the incredible young cast which communicates profound gravitas in a scenario that might have found itself trite in lesser hands. Norberg praises director David DeCoteau for his support on this production. Andreas relates, “David style has always been challenging towards the stereotypes of society…in a good way. His artistic style is gore yet aesthetically pleasing for the majority of audience. One of his most famous works Puppet Master III Toulan's Revenge is a movie filled with action, stunts, and pleasing cinematography; one which I’m a fan of. As an actor working with him, David is very liberal and allows the actor to decide how they want to present the character, as long as it fits well for the story. Of course, if you have read the story and understands it, you should both come to a similar outcome.”

Throughout the film, we see the strength of Norberg’s depth as an actor. The popular and somewhat shallow jock in the early part of the film begins a journey that culminates in someone who has always been a good person but didn’t expose that side of himself until the situation warranted it. Andreas doesn’t “easily give up” the hinted at troubled childhood that has created Brian’s rough exterior. The actor leaves viewers to guess at which side of the good guy/bad guy fence this character falls on; making the reveal of his true nature even more cathartic for the other characters AND the audience. It’s a gamble the actor took which pays off with huge dividends in the later part of this story. Norberg’s vacillation between the dark and light is easily one of the more satisfying aspects of the film. He concedes that being the bad guy is often more fun than the hero stating, “We all have a bit of that in us; whether we choose to accept it is what defines who we are. As an actor, I get to exercise and exorcize that person who tries to inhabit me. One of my favorite scenes in this film is definitely the party/dance scene. I first put alcohol in the punch and then I went back to the dance floor and danced like nothing happened. At this point, it's just before my turning point as a character; I am still kind of evil and want revenge because I feel that Becky left me for no reason. In reality, it’s because I’ve been nothing but a douchebag. Inhabiting that person is a great way to avoid being that person…and to understand why people act out in a negative way. I’m really thankful for my career and appearing in movies like The Wrong Cheerleader.”

Author: Patrick Wilson

Not Wrong for the Wrong Cheerleader: Andreas Norberg Reviewed by JaamZIN on 6:31:00 AM Rating: 5
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