HomeWorkingClub - Interview with Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor started freelancing back in 2004. He started HomeWorkingClub in 2017, with the aim of helping other people take control of their working destiny. HomeWorkingClub sets out to be different from the many home working sites out there, thanks to gritty honesty and an “integrity first” approach. Here’s what he had to say when we interviewed him.

You say that you value integrity above all else? Can you give an example? 

The key example I would give is how I review products and services on my website. Many bloggers write positive reviews in order to boost the commission they earn when people buy things. I don’t do this. In fact, in many cases I know that the things I say are likely to completely put off potential purchasers!

My intention with HomeWorkingClub is to build a reputation based on integrity, which often means walking away from potential streams of income. You can’t just say everything single product is great in order to earn commission – yet plenty of bloggers try to.

Why do people need advice on working from home? What is it that you share on your site?

My site includes a huge range of content, from reviews of job boards like FlexJobs to huge lists of general tips for freelancers. The home working world is large and confusing, and many people end up in an endless loop of “get rich quick” schemes and unrealistic advice. I aim to cut through all of that noise and provide people with some honest answers and ideas.

You mention honestly a lot. Why is it so important to you?

While the home working industry is packed with bold promises and potential scams, much of the time the workers don’t make things any easier on themselves. Instead of getting stuck into a single project, they chase after shortcuts and schemes. One thing I do a LOT of is delivering home truths. The reality is that only a tiny proportion of the people who read about and talk about working from home actually follow through and do the HARD WORK necessary to make their dreams a reality.
The people I like helping most are the grafters who are ready to pay their dues and put effort in. I’ve recently started a new site, www.writeblogearn.com, where I’m providing one-on-one coaching for some of them.

What are the three questions readers ask you most often?

The first one has to be about how to get into freelance writing. In the early days it surprised me just how many people seem to want to make a career from it.

The second is a frustrating one, where people simply ask “how to get started” – without telling me anything about their skills or aspirations. You can do anything from home - from editing HD video to baking cupcakes – so I often wish people would give me more of a clue!

Another thing I’m asked about frequently is online data entry work. I think people assume that data entry is an easy, low-level job to get into, but there’s not actually that much of it around, thanks to modern technology.

What is your core belief about freelancing?

I think it’s easier to get into than many people think, with lots delaying making the jump due to fear. Having said that, it’s a rocky path with lots of ups and downs. There are some wonderful parts of the lifestyle, but things like late payment and uncertainly mean that it’s really not for the faint of heart.

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