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Igniting a Trend with Giacomo Girardi’s Evolution Dog Wash Makeover

Gary M. Sherman understands what every successful entrepreneur knows, success on a major scale brings competitors along with it. As the owner and founder of Evolution Dog Wash (EDW), Mr. Sherman has provided some of the most exceptional and advanced dog washing units in the world; EDW is recognized as the gold standard in the self-serve dog wash industry. When competitors from the US and Europe made their play for a section of the market, Gary turned to PXP Media to elevate the brand awareness of EDW. Owner and CEO of PXP Media, Ardalan Afshar, placed the EDW rebrand in the exceptional hands of Italian Graphic Designer Giacomo Girardi. Known for its work with brands like Converse, Element, and American Express, PXP Media is similarly invested in aiding companies like EDW increase their visibility and market presence. The plan was to communicate the high standard of the company’s dog washing units that were accessible to nearly anyone in the population, somewhere in between an identity like Apple and BMW but an appeal towards a dog centric audience. Girardi notes that his early meetings with Sherman were significant in formulating his approach as a graphic designer. Giacomo states, “Mr. Sherman is an avid dog lover who is active in a number of charitable organizations to aid homeless and abused dogs. He also very intelligent and well-spoken, an excellent representation of a strong mind, strong heart, and business savvy.”

Photo: Fatema Sidiki

EDW’s dog wash systems can be found in a number of different places: pet grooming businesses, gas stations, and even apartment complexes. Built in America with the highest quality of materials, these machines are not bought by individuals yet there is a very personal facet to them. EDW units are meant to give both owner and animal a more positive experience. Noting the owner of the company’s attention to user reviews of their product and the public’s experience with them, Girardi saw this personal connection as the key to a rebrand for the company. The arrival at a final identity which is classically simple yet elicits emotions is an immense challenge as well as a journey of discovery. Giacomo estimates that he created some fifty versions of an EDW logo before arriving at the final approved version. The final version of the new logo consisted of a stylized lateral dog profile in which the ear is also a water drop. The dog has an intentionally undefined sex and is pleasingly concise, with one single line that creates the entire figure (with the exception of a second tiny line that creates the light reflection of the water drop and makes the logo have a double meaning). The final composition is also made with the intention of giving a really abstract “gear” feeling to the target audience. EDW was so taken with the new logo that it was applied to business cards, letter heads, and a variety of products such as the EDW customized playing ball for dogs, an EDW customized leash, and customized EDW polos for the EDW staff. 

The updated logo was only the initial phase of this complete rebrand. Giacomo’s background in architecture allowed him to create a series of 3D illustrations, 3D modeling, and Bodywork Design for the updated EDW washing units themselves. While actual construction of these units was handled by ACE Hardware, Girardi worked from technical drawings to create 3D renderings that he could adjust. He describes, “Mr. Sherman’s intention was not to just change the visual look of the machine but also to obtain a new and more modern design of the physical body of the machine. As he would work with ACE on possibilities, I was taking the blueprints and integrating them in my digital 3D model where I would apply the new logo and the new typography.” Once the bodywork, the colors, and the typography of the units were finalized, Girardi created different options for the decals which direct operating functions for the ease of users. 

Completing the rebrand cycle, Girardi applied the updated looks and identity to the Evolution Dog Wash website. By design, the aesthetics are certainly more eye-catching and “loud” on the website in order to grab attention. Google re-targeting ads and mail campaigns accompanied this push to present the new EDW. As a photographer, Giacomo also created a library of images of dogs and their owners. EDW utilized these in a production by Colorado based 35 left in the creation of videos for the EDW YouTube channel. 

While EDW notes significant increases and gains following the rebrand, there’s on aspect which confirms loudly that Giacomo’s work had a profound impact. He reveals, “During the summer of 2019, Evolution Dog Wash registered my logo as a trademark and visual identity due to the fact that some competitors in the dog product market were trying to mimic the EDW visual style. They asked me for dates that prove of all my sketches and all the process in order to file this request for a trademark. These situations as a designer help you understand that you’ve achieved your goal and helped a company increase their brand awareness more than anything else. It’s a high compliment when someone appreciates your work so much that they imitate it.”

Written by Patrick Wilson
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