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Producer Gaurang Bhat goes back to his roots with award-winning animated film

As a producer, Gaurang Bhat is one of the leaders on every production he takes on. He is responsible for the overall development of a project, creating the logistics and implementing the creative aspects needed for a director to achieve their vision, and provides every support necessary for a production team to reach their goal. This means he has to be vastly multi-talented, making quick decisions and solving any and all problems that arise during filmmaking. He is everyone’s support system, and he ensures the success of any project. It is a tremendous responsibility, and one Bhat lives for.

Never limiting himself to one genre or medium, Bhat has worked on dramas, comedies, science fiction, documentaries, and horror films. From his most recent hit Nimbus to the thrilling horror Vengeance, he has spent years producing hit films that resonate with audiences everywhere. His animated film Sushi Man is just another example of this, showcasing Bhat’s versatility in yet another genre.

Sushi Man is about an up-and-coming sushi chef in town who is conflicted with his job occupation after falling madly in love with a mermaid. Bhat began his filmmaking career in animation and was thrilled with the opportunity to return back to his original passion.

“Just being back in the computer animating room, it felt nice to be back at my roots. Animation is where everything started for me and it felt good and nostalgic to back in front of a computer using Maya software to make a film” said Bhat.

Returning to his roots of animation proved fruitful for Bhat, as Sushi Man had a fantastic film festival run. Not only was it an Official Selection at several festivals, but it took home the top prize at the Los Angeles Live Film Score Film Festival.

“It feels good that all the hours we put into this project have paid off. We are happy to gain recognition because I feel like animation films don’t get the kind of recognition that they deserve. It’s a very proud moment for the whole team of Sushi Man,” said Bhat.

For the project, Bhat collaborated with Jessica Chung, the Lead Animator and VFX Artist on his hit film SPARSH: A Leprosy Mission. Chung came up with the idea of Sushi Man and together they knew they could make it a success.

Bhat supervised the entire process because of his experience in animation. He knew exactly how the team could efficiently use time and resources for the project. During the development stage, he ensured that they didn’t exceed their time frame or budget, working for 90 days straight to ensure they succeeded.

“We were done in time because sometimes, if you stay too long on a project, then you start to take it lightly and the excitement is gone. I didn’t want that to happen,” said Bhat.

Sometimes, as a filmmaker, you come across a story that you just have to tell, even if you originally don’t see the marketability. That is how Bhat felt about Sushi Man. He knew right away that he wanted to make the film and would not stop until he made it a success.

“The animation process is completely different from live action film. Firstly, there is a lot of research that goes into character designs; you storyboard the whole project. You are creating a completely imaginary world that’s very different from our normal world. They you create models, unwrap and texture them, create animatics to see the road you’ll be taking and what it’s going to look like. We had clear plans in mind. We had everything meticulous designed so that we didn’t need to tweak anything later. This is how you make a successful animated film,” he described.

Be sure to check out Sushi Man to see the beautiful animation and a heartfelt story.

By Annabelle Lee
Aug. 2nd, 2019

Producer Gaurang Bhat goes back to his roots with award-winning animated film Reviewed by JaamZIN on 9:40:00 AM Rating: 5
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