Interview with novelist Denise Turney

Denise Turney is a passionate novelist, radio personality, freelance writer and author of the champion books Love Pour Over Me, Portia, Long Walk Up, Spiral, Gregory The Lionhearted, Love Has Many Faces, Gada's Glory and Rosetta's Great Hope. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which magazines, newspapers and women's periodicals are your novels & writing works been featured?

Feature interviews and freelance writing has gifted my books and creative works coverage in various digital and print media outlets, including Ebony, Madame Noire, US 1, KaNupepa, Obsidian, The Trenton Times, USA Today, Your Church Magazine and Parade Magazine. These and other publications help to keep readers and my writings connected, a reward that I sincerely appreciate.

How do you manage your time being an entrepreneur, freelance writer, and a businesswoman and also a civic and community volunteer?

Years of hosting and organizing projects and events has sharpened my time management skills. I set days and times of the week that I will complete specific activities. For example, I write on novels on weekday evenings and market my books on weekends. To stay in touch with book lovers, each day I market on social media platforms (just not as much as I do over weekends). Also, feel that its important to share that I bake in rest time. I get out and walk, enjoy nature, read other people's books and chill. Down time is important.

Which genre(s) do you write about? Why did you choose to write inspirational/motivational novels?

Great question! I mainly write family sagas as visitors to my website ( discover. Titles like Love Pour Over Me, Love Has Many Faces and definitely, Spiral, cross into murder mysteries. My passion for writing inspirational books is rooted in my belief in humanity. Despite how challenging experiences feel, we can get through tough times. We can rise. It's a fact that has been demonstrated throughout history. My writing is part of that fact-based message. Yes. My books get to the heart of a challenge such as Long Walk Up digs into the life of an orphan and Portia takes readers on an emotional journey of a woman facing breast cancer. But, readers can put my books down feeling empowered.

Which has been the most inspiring and thought-provoking story that you have ever read/written?

Interesting. That question is making me think. Hard to say. Portia's readers have told me that reading Portia convinced them to keep working to get cancer in remission so that they could enjoy their children and grandchildren longer. Long Walk Up came to me while I was driving up Route 1 in Princeton, New Jersey. Long Walk Up is a young orphan girl's story. The girl goes on to become Africa's first woman president. Both inspire because the main characters face near impossible odds.

How do you create a social impact via your work?

Oh, I work social media daily. But, as I shared earlier, weekends are key times that I perform social media book marketing. I will say this. It may be beneficial to focus on no more than five social media platforms. This allows for time to develop deeper connections with readers and book lovers on social media platforms. Readers can find me on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Links to social media platforms that I am on are below.

Which way does being a novelist as well as a radio personality help you to give back to the community?

Monetary and time donations are ways that I give back to the community. Interviewing guests who covers topics like writing winning books, growing a business, ADHD, launching a small business, dealing with a health challenge and book marketing are ways that serving as the radio host of Off The Shelf Books Talk Radio ( › denise-turney- ) helps me to give back. This giving back is in the form of tip sharing and targeted educational Q&A.

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