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Nick Galov on the Digital Age and Content Marketing

People say that the best way to enjoy your career is by turning something you love into the job that you have. For web hosting expert and content strategist Nick Galov, that may very well be the case. To take things up a notch, he’s working to make his expertise feel like a good game of DnD wherein web servers are the characters and the humans are the inevitable losers.

The digital world is constantly changing and expanding. For Galov, one way to ensure prominence and constant development in the field is by having full mastery over the field, much like how a DM would have over a quest. As a force of nature in web hosting and content strategy, we just couldn’t help but talk to Galov about what he thinks the current and future state of digital technology is.

The digital age has developed so well that people are forgetting about the importance of IT. What can you say about this?

At its very core, IT runs everything. From the internet to web hosting, IT is inescapable. True enough, people don’t directly feel the effects that technology brings to us, but they shouldn’t forget that without IT, most of the technological marvels we enjoy today wouldn’t exist.

Regarding content strategy, what are consumers mostly looking for nowadays?

When it comes to content, I think the trend has always been generating something that the audience can relate to instead of something they would like to see. Some content strategists are so focused on getting the next big influencer onboard with their campaigns but, in reality, people prefer to see someone more relatable.

What’s your approach to creating “relatable” content?

The most important part of my work process is to develop a deep understanding of my target audience. This is where analytics tools come into play. Generally, I want to see something more than what the audience is looking at. I’m also hoping to see what type of content they are investing more time in.

Any advice for those in your field?

I only have one piece of advice for budding content strategists. Always strive for quality over quantity. There’s no point in shelling out content again and again if it’s not reaching the numbers you want to achieve. If your content is not doing great, do more research, and improve its quality substantially. You’ll be surprised at how much that amount of work will do for you.

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