Romy Teperson, alongside Sitcom Veterans Busy Phillips, Wilmer Valderrama, shows off remarkable improv talent in E! Network’s ‘Busy Tonight’

Making someone laugh takes true talent, and as an internationally sought-after actress, Romy Teperson has audiences all around the world go from tears of laughter to rolling in the aisles, with her unique comedic performances. She is known best for her comedic characters and ability to improvise on the spot to find the humor in any situation. She has known since she was a child that she wanted to make people laugh and is ‘living the dream’ by doing so each and every time she steps onto a set.

“When Friends came onto our screens in ’94, I remember exactly where I was that very first moment. I remember being in my Grandmothers reclining chair, sitting upright, and thinking- wow, this is different. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before and was exactly what I wanted to be doing. Growing up and having that passion already sparked, Friends and SNL were huge comedic influences for me. It felt so heartening to me to be able to make my family around me laugh and be entertained. It’s a high I get to this day,” she said.

Throughout her career, Teperson has shown her versatility as a performer, not only demonstrated in comedies, but a vast array of genres. Last year was a busy year for the actress. She starred in the critically acclaimed thriller Devil’s Cove, worked alongside Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr. on a National iPhone XS commercial campaign (where she was handpicked by the Oscar Winner himself), and as part of a comedic trio with Busy Phillips and Wilmer Valderrama on E!’s hit talk show Busy Tonight.

Busy Tonight gave Teperson the chance to do what she does best: make people across the country and around the world laugh. The late-night talk show features comedic commentary, celebrity interviews, topical segments, and fun games. The show, produced by SNL legend Tina Fey, goes behind Phillips’ most popular Instagram stories and showcases her most candid moments in front of a live studio audience. With the help of her crew of writers, Phillips hits viewers with buzzworthy highlights from the week. Unfiltered, in-the-know and always entertaining, Busy presents her unique and hilarious point of view on literally everything.

Busy Tonight was an incredible opportunity which provided a platform for me to do what I love – entertain people through improv and sketch comedy. The sketches were set up in the style of ‘Yo Mamma’, an older show Valderrama had starred in. On a personal note, because of this, I was able to live call my mom in, as part of the sketch. I got the privilege of Facetiming my mom on to the show, in real time, from Australia. It was very emotional, and I will definitely never forget the experience of being able to share a performance live on national television, with my mom as my costar,” said Teperson.

The show was looking for improv performers who could hold their own and go head to head with the two industry heavyweights of Busy Phillips and Wilmer Valderrama. One of the writers of the show instantly thought of Teperson, who she had met through U.C.B, the Improv Theatre of which she is a regular performer. (Upright Citizens Brigade- the nationally acclaimed Improv Theatre founded by Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser and Ian Roberts). Teperson immediately accepted the opportunity, which she calls “a dream come true.”

Teperson played a heightened version of herself in the sketch. It wasn’t a role that required studying a script, creating a character backstory, or rehearsing. The comedy was in the moment, and as a preferred performance style of Teperson’s, she relished in being able to simply turn up and act completely based off of comedic impulse. She had one day’s notice with no description as to what the sketch would even be, which is just how she loves to work. No prep time, no script- just a couple of seasoned comedy performers, a studio audience, and the goal of landing hard laughs along the way.
“There’s a reason Romy has performed with the likes of Amy Poehler and Amanda Keller. There’s a reason her film and television roles have been showcased on Netflix and Amazon. She proves, through her caliber of work, that she’s a comedic force to be reckoned with. You always feel in safe hands that a scene will fly high with Romy. Scripted or improvised she brings it every time, bringing unique and bitingly funny material to life. Working with her is a complete joy. There was laughter constantly on set, whether we were shooting or not,” said Jasmine Stephen, Producer of Busy Tonight.

Participating in a sketch involving appreciation of mothers was very special for Teperson. Being able to make people laugh in the process was simply a cherry on top. Shining in comedy, Teperson is currently working on Introducing Jodea, a rom-com in which she plays a larger than life actress who seems to always find overly dramatic ways of making herself known throughout the office of a leading talent agency. It’s a funny script with comically crafted characters at the center, allowing Teperson the perfect vessel to take on a new exciting character to be on display. Teperson is thrilled that production gets underway soon. Stay tuned, this unique comedic voice is only just getting started.

By Annabelle Lee
Sept. 7th, 2019

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