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Bill Scuorzo of BCG Advisors on a mission to tame the escalating cost of healthcare in America

The President and CEO of BCG Advisors, Bill Scuorzo is on a mission to tame the escalating cost of healthcare in America. His company works with small to mid-sized businesses to provide employee benefit solutions, human resource advisory services and commercial insurance products. The Secaucus, New Jersey based company began operations in December 1999. In the last few years, the company has been pushing for the entrenchment of voluntary benefits to make it easy for respective clients to offer additional coverage to employees without negatively impacting the bottom-line.

Prior to forming BCG Advisors, Bill Scuorzo brought with him impeccable experience in customer relations having served as a New Business Representative for a major health insurance carrier. He also oversaw corporate groups representing over 10,000 employees. For his education, Bill attended the University of Scranton and obtained a degree in Marketing. His industry knowledge and skill set include marketing, health insurance, HR consulting and employee benefits. Bill Scuorzo lives in New Jersey and enjoys fishing, skiing and golfing.

What are the poignant red flags to watch in daily life?

The telltale signs of a worrying trend in business often manifest in many different ways. You constantly need to pay attention to competitors and market trends. You never want to be the last to the table when a new product or service comes out.

What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

I have been the BCG Advisors President and CEO since the company inception two decades ago. The company is run by an accomplished management team. The three divisions were established between 2009 and 2012 to enable us to serve clients more professionally. Besides the impressive service variety, the number of clients and employees working for the company has risen steadily over the years. BCG Advisors has adopted a customer centric approach to grow its commercial client portfolio that includes mid-size enterprises and non-profit organizations.

In line with our push to offer affordable solutions, I strongly believe the necessity of insurance shouldn’t be a justification for expensive health insurance policies. We have to draw a line and ensure workers enjoy the benefits of cost-efficient health insurance. BCG Advisors is not alone in this drive. The Affordable Care Act encourages the creation of qualified and affordable non-profit health insurance plan providers to cater for individuals and small groups. As a responsive insurance brokerage, we will continue to seek ways to improve our service offerings. To that end I hope my legacy is one of providing systematic improvements to those it most benefits.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the industry?

For prospects thinking of pursuing a career in the insurance, the industry offers numerous benefits, from work freedom and passive income to a chance to exploit the entrepreneurial spirit. Having been in the insurance sector for close to 20 years I have learned quite a lot, both inside and outside the industry. I will share a few of my most intriguing lessons:
• Education and career development are expensive, but highly integral to success.
• Customer retention is the key to the growth of any insurance agency.
• No matter how good your product is, without proper execution all will be vain.
• To be successful in the industry, be well-informed about the happenings in other sectors of the economy.

Because of the changing market and products, I would advise insurance agents and professionals to always read the fine print, specifically the policy proclamations and endorsements before answering coverage queries.

At the moment, what are you are most excited about?

The insurance industry is not left behind in embracing tech-driven innovation and workspace improvement. The changes are evident in the setup of the workspace, workflow and use of intuitive software and other tools. Indeed, today’s open workspace is embracing modern artworks, movable workstations and comfy meeting points. When put together, all these changes can go a long way to improve the work environment and overall customer experience. Professionals working in the industry also need to regularly update their knowledge and skills in order to fit into the new scheme of things. BCG Advisors will continue to invest in staff training and office improvements as a strategy to boost creativity, staff moral and connectivity.

How would you rate the current vibe at the BCG Advisors offices?

The atmosphere here is energetic and I am seeing more of it every day. The experience and skills of our workers have contributed immensely to our success as a company. From my own managerial experience, this success is closely tied to employee engagement and overall job satisfaction. In our efforts to enhance the office vibe, I always give workers the opportunity to speak their mind and am quick to offer praise for good work. I know of companies that measure worker satisfaction and those that use a feedback system to uplift the spirits of workers. We also have the traditional tools like a suggestion box and periodic surveys that are still effective in gauging everything from staff development to the relationship between workers and managers.

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