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Ane Howard – Mixed Media Artist Showing in the London Tube and at AWD in California

California-resident and Montreal-born artist, Ane Howard, a mixed media artist, is exhibiting this month, at Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, California and London subway and we had the chance to catch up with her between shows.

Ane Howard’s mixed media artwork tells an emotional and imaged story in the portraits and landscapes she paints. Using deconstructed form born out of the expressionist movement, bold paintbrush, fabric, wax and papers and contrasting hues of colors, she imbues each brushstroke with meaning to evoke moods and ideas. Following a lifelong exploration of different art forms, Ane is dedicated to full-time painting. Speaking about her passion for oil painting, she said, “Nothing has ever fulfilled my need for self-expression the way painting does.”

Ane's vivid oil paintings have been shown at various Art Galleries in Northern California, such as the well-known Claudia Chapline Contemporary Art Gallery, the Marin Society of Artists, and Art Works Downtown and are owned by collectors around the globe. This month, two of her small works are exhibited at a Small Works Exhibition - 2019 at Gallery 1337, a juried art show and at Expo Metro London, where her work will be seen by four million subway riders

What will be the highlights of the Small Works Juried Show of your art collection in San Rafael, California?

The two pieces presently highlighted are Lola, the Coi Koi, and Koi on Fire, two small works selected for their unique representation of the often-illustrated koi.

Koi on Fire

We noticed that your paintings have a very interesting titling or naming convention. How do you name your art pieces usually?

My painting naming doesn't follow a convention, I try to be as descriptive as possible and to tell a story with my titling.

Lola the Coi

Why 'Meet Charles'? Who does the koi reminds you of and what does it symbolize in your personal opinion as the artist?

Charles the Koi is about people who are self-important and see themselves as more important than they really are. And yes, I have a few people's minds, but I won't name names!

The koi in Japan represents good fortune or luck and is associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, and abundance. For me, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement in my artistic development.

Meet Charles the Koi

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from my personal life and what I am going through at this moment, the nature around me, and the ones close to me. Cowgirl on Fire, a collage, was inspired by the wildfires in California. We spent a few days on high alert not knowing if we would need to evacuate and my way of dealing with it was by creating this artwork. It’s part of the Exploration Collection.

The Koi Art Collection was inspired by a friend of mine love for her pond of koi, how she cares for them and relates to them really touched me. I also wanted to explore movement in water, how light plays with it.

I’m also exploring developing decorative items for the home. I'm actually working on some designs today for a Wearable Art collection featuring existing painting and new work created solely to be a wearable. I don’t see any reasons to limit myself to one form of artistic expression.

Graffiti Swan Dive

How important is an uncluttered workspace?

I don't know how important it is to have an uncluttered space. I have limited space and I need to cram a lot in it. I store blank and painted canvas, a cabinet with paints, brushes, material for collages, frames, paper, I need a larger studio! What is important to me is light and good ventilation. Light to move around the canvas and see how it looks in different locations and to make adjustments accordingly and ventilation because I mostly work in oil and I need it to avoid getting a headache from the fumes.

Diver Hits the Water

When is the date(s) of your next art exhibition?

I have two shows right now - Art Works Downtown presents Small Works Exhibition - 2019 at Gallery 1337

The Juror: Alexander Schwarz, art consultant, Caldwell Snyder Gallery, The Small Works Exhibition is AWD's annual exhibit featuring a large quantity of artists' quality artwork for sale to the holiday gift-buying public.

Dates 11/15/2019 - 12/21/2019

Art Works Downtown Gallery 1337
1337 4th St
San Rafael, California 94901
United States

Expo Metro London - an art exhibition featuring artists from around the world. Art Exhibition on The Posters will be viewed by 4 million people in the heart of Central London within the iconic London Underground in the most prestigious Tube Stations such as Oxford Circus, Bond Street, and Westminster.

Date - 12/02/2019 - 12/16/2019.

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