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Rock & Roll Royalty and Timeless Mysteries with Producer Cara Warwick

Cara Warwick feels quite content that her life is every bit as exciting as she thought it would be. This producer of international notoriety may not be a household name but that’s never been her goal. Excitement and adventure experienced in a responsible (i.e. not daredevil-ish) manner is the keystone she has built her career as a producer upon. Her resume boasts a list of credits which are most certainly eclectic and have afforded Cara the opportunity to work alongside the most famous musicians in the world and investigate legendary mysteries known the world over. Warwick is most certainly one of those professionals whom embraces the constantly shifting challenges of the production world rather than the normalcy of a nine-to-five. In addition to her library of great stories, she has a position of respect and admiration among her peers in the creative community.

Cara Warwick

Long before members of the band Queen placed their approval on the quadruple Oscar Winning film Bohemian Rhapsody, they did the same with the International Emmy Nominated BBC Documentary Queen – Days of Our Lives. Brian May and Roger Taylor are actually the ones who conceived of this idea as the band neared its celebration of four decades in existence. The Documentary’s Production Manager Cara Warwick confesses that the band’s involvement gave her and the production a huge edge over other productions about Queen. 

She informs, “We were given access to unseen footage which had been kept private for many years. The band was deeply involved in many aspects in addition to giving some of the most heart-warming interview to date. With the anniversary approaching, there was a sense that everyone wanted to be involved. To our great benefit, this allowed us to hear many stories previously untold.” Determined to gain fresh information and perspectives led Cara to track down and interview many individuals who had heretofore been absent in contributing their own personal Queen anecdotes. One particularly difficult individual to track down was the cameraman who interacted so closely with Freddie Mercury during the band’s iconic Live Aid concert. Perhaps the most well-known bit of Queen performance footage of all time (and a center piece to the 2018 Feature Film), this interview with the cameraman is simply one example of the unique insight which Queen – Days of Our Lives offered as well’s as Cara’s tenacity in bringing something unique to this production and every one that she works on.

When not investigating the lore of the world’s most legendary Rock bands, Cara finds herself delving into projects like the international mysteries of Unexplained and Unexplored. The show follows explorer Justin Fornal as he peers into the “fact versus myth” of Atlantis, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, and other mysteries. 

Unexplained and Unexplored

The obvious global element of the show requires a producer who is comfortable dealing with the uncomfortable. Warwick describes, “Working at the production office, I was in charge of research, script edit, and archive, in addition to story and segment producing. One of the most essential duties I had was in finding suitable experts for the different segments. At my production office, I’d oversee field productions in locations like Ethiopia and Egypt. I’d often work with local fixers, casting experts from these locations as well as arranging for people to travel and bringing people in internationally. The research for this show was as intense as one might expect while the complexity of the subject matter in each episode made pre-production absolutely essential.” The results that Cara and the show achieved are even more impressive when one considers that they were manifested through ancient maps and quite often across cultural differences and boundaries.

Brian May with Cara and team

Growing up in Bishops Stortford, Warwick always felt there was a deeper meaning to storytelling than simply entertainment. She admits that as a young girl, she felt that making horror movies would cause a disconnect from the fright they elicited in her. These days, as an in-demand producer working internationally, it’s obvious that her calm level headedness is a foundation which allows her many projects to achieve their vision with exceptional outcomes. Tempering chaos into finely honed creativity has become Cara’s calling card. She relates, “I like the challenge of finding interesting characters, finding intriguing facts, offbeat locations, and putting these elements together to plan a filming shoot and in turn a project. My work affects me as much as those who view it. When I hear a Queen song, I still get shivers…and I’m still not much of a fan of horror films.”

Written by Patrick Wilson

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