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Interview with graphic designer Jeff English Hoboken

Jeff English Hoboken is a prominent graphic designer known for his unique American approach. The New Jersey based designer serves clients from NYC, Greater Northeast and beyond. The studio undertakes wide ranging design projects, including corporate brochure, logo design, marketing materials, brand identity and creative strategies. Hoboken believes every project that comes to his desk deserves special attention right from conception to completion. His interest in design began at an early age thanks to his knack for creativity and learned graphic design skills. 

 The other skills that have always worked to his advantage include interpersonal communication, interactive media and knowledge of Adobe creative Apps. Jeffrey English Hoboken studied at the NYU Tish School of Arts in NYC for his degree in graphic design. The relationship he built while studying at NYU allows his studio to enroll interns interested in pursuing various design careers. Jeff English Hoboken is also widely traveled and is scheduled to visit a few Asian countries this year. Jeffrey English Hoboken also enjoys world culture and sharing life adventures.

How did you get started in the highly competitive and graphic design industry?

Graphic design is a high demand career driven by creativity and knowledge of industry trends. I got the opportunity to expound on my earlier interest in graphic design by attending the NYU Tish School of Arts to study graphic design. Armed with a degree in graphic design and extensive practical experience, I established a studio that has become the go to place for cutting-edge design projects. Aside from high quality of work, we always work to meet project deadlines.

Are there any career accomplishments you would like to discuss?

One of my most memorable accomplishments is a product design assignment I did for a corporate client in the past year. In positioning the merchandise, I made an effort to incorporate aesthetic elements and functionality. Communication and collaboration also played a key role in guaranteeing successful project ending and timely delivery.

Is graphic design, your biggest passion?

Absolutely, because graphic design helps express my creativity in ways I have always wanted. I also get lots of fulfillment from being part of a strong online community of graphic designers, where I regularly share ideas and get feedback from like-minded designers.

What motivates you?

I am passionate about my work and that is sufficient incentive to keep going. To motivate my creative team, I always encourage collaboration and ensure the right working environment is set. Creating an environment that empowers employees often helps create a well-purposed team.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

Competition in the graphic design sphere can be stiff, but hard work and persistence always pays. We’ve managed to stay competitive by building a compelling portfolio that targets conversions. We also use direct mail in our marketing and have activated a loyalty program to reward customers.

Which business leaders, past or present, have inspired you the most?

I am awed and equally inspired by business leaders like Tim Cook, Reed Hastings and Sheryl Sandberg. Reed is the co-founder of Netflix. He is credited for turning the nascent subscription service into a revolutionary online streaming service. Sheryl is an influential advocate, tech expert and leading personality in business. She has done an incredible job at both Google and Facebook. On his part, Tim has successfully led Apple to develop profitable products and open new retail stores.

What is the next step for you?

A lot of what I intend to do is hinged on strengthening capacity. Since the graphic design industry is growing, I am looking to establish a creative library and tap into the lucrative interactive media realm. Besides improving the bottom line, this will help strengthen our hand in branding strategies.

What are some of your favorite tools and resources for your work?

My favorite software collection includes Clip Studio Paint, MyFonts and a wide selection of Adobe Creative Cloud tools. I recently added an iPad illustration App called Procreate to the list. The super intuitive App is compatible with Apple Pencil and easily integrates with Adobe. I also use MacBook Pro featuring Touch bar and ID and a desktop workstation with multiple displays.

A Graphic design career can be taxing, how do you find time to relax?

I have made it a practice to schedule a downtime moment. I usually use the time to meditate and read inspirational books. Meditation helps relieve stress by channeling positive energy. I have a list of free podcasts earmarked for meditation and relish every moment of it.

What advice do you have for others who want to enter the burgeoning sector?

Graphic designers are trained to communicate solutions to various design problems. My advice to aspiring graphic designers is to avoid limiting their creative potential. One way to get a head start is taking every opportunity to build a solid portfolio.

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