Leading Crypto-Exchange ERB Secures $1B Investment, Creating PDG Program to Investors

Tallinn, Estonia, 28 February 2020 – ERB, an Estonia crypto-exchange platform relocating to Dubai, has announced that it has secured a $1 Billion investment from McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA. With this investment, ERB will create a Project Default Guarantee (PDG) program that returns initial investments to investors when projects fail. Creating a low risk and high return investment environment, PDG is attracting U.I.B (User, Investor, Business) investment globally and expanding its reach in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

About ERB's Project Default Guarantee (PDG) Program

The PDG program guarantees initial investments when investment projects fail. The PDG program, developed jointly by the ERB Exchange and McKINLEY Investment LLC, USA, takes advantage of credit default swaps to lower the risk for project investors. There exist two ERB guarantees. The first, fixed price, in case of failure guarantees the ERB exchange in the amount regardless of number or quantity. For instance, when an investor purchases $1 Million of "FIX"- a fixed priced-project token, they will receive an initial investment refund of $ 1 Million if the project goes default.

The second, amount-linked, provides ERB.G based on ERB quotes at the time of project token issuance. If the price of ERB rises, the guarantee power for the project token increases proportionally and, with the higher the assurance, t price of the project token increases as well.

Eom Meen, the chairman of ERB further commented that "with PDG program, we believe that innovation of the financial market has begun. Investors are prepared to invest in the spirit of 'low risk, high returns.' We look forward to ERB providing great investment opportunities to many companies, small and medium-sized, suffering from financial shortages due recent global economic recessions."

About ERO's Global Platform

The ERO platform enables the liquidation of all assets around the world. In general, when foreign stocks are distributed in the domestic market, problems arise due to differences in foreign transport, currency of presentation, and procedures, but with the ERO platform, trustees to act on behalf of the U.I.B. for the storage of stocks and the exercise of shareholder rights.

The ERB Exchange organized the ERG Global team with direct exchanges in each country. Established close partnerships with hedge funds, government agencies and large investors from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, the United States, and the United Kingdom, ERB uses various national media and forums to attract users.

Designed with a virtuous cycle of 'assets-revenue-values,' there is inherent investment structure with ERB that creates a win-win for investors with low risk, high return that secures stability and profitability. Today, ERB leads globally for its new standards and influences in the international financial market.

For any inquiries about ERB, please contact:

Name: Evita Yoon
Email: evitayoon@erbliga.com
Website: www.erbliga.com

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