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ROMAN CIGI - Countdown To Fight (RC Edit)

DJ/Producer ROMAN CIGI has long ago stepped out of the box as a music maker and mixer. He can re-contextualize any music in a creative and novel way, and has a breadth and depth of knowledge, of different genres through which he can flow effectively. We have conducted a short interview with him about his new single ROMAN CIGI - Countdown To Fight (RC Edit).

Why did you want to be a professional DJ? What were the other choices and what led you to music eventually?

I would like to be a professional DJ/Producer - Because music means a lot to me. When I listen to music , I feel relaxed , music gives me energy and can't hurt me :D . This is something what I want to do in the future. It's still fresh, but the music makes me happy, and if people enjoy my songs or mix it makes me happy even more.

What do you think (in part of your childhood/younger adult life that) cultivates creativity and allows imagination to create great music?

If you want to create great music (songs) or mix , you will need a big library - It means an arsenal of music from the past, and music samples . My biggest weapon is - I have listened over half a million songs , what gives me the power to create and also have a big library of samples. This is a good way to create 1 hour mix or just a single song.

If I got an idea , I will write it down on paper or laptop, then I start create a song or mix , and if everything fits and sounds good then just want to finish project and prepare release.
It's just my opinion and it works for me.

How did learning English as a milestone transform your life to reach your professional goals?

5 years ago – I didn't speak in English, I knew just basics and my English was poor. Also if you want to speak English, you will need a minimum of 6 hours active English per day. And try to learn a different language in the country where people don't speak the language you would like to speak, it's not impossible but it is very hard. Best way is to simply go to the country where actually people speak the language you want to learn. That's why I moved to the UK, because English is the best way how to connect and communicate with people in different countries. If you don't speak in English, you're pretty much limited.

I learn English by myself (self-taught) - watched films, TV shows, listen to music, meet new people, English people, and people from the world. At the beginning it was a pain, but you need to get over that, and you'll be fine. Just patience.

What inspires you and what (do you think) makes your new song/music unique?

When I started to create my own music, I didn't take a music production course, I taught myself. All I needed was just English, Google, Youtube + my imagination. When I release my first songs it wasn't the best, but I did it. I received some feedback - positive, negative, and all this did teach me a good lesson. I know where I did mistakes, what should I change, in short - another experiences. Now I want to concentrate more on quality than quantity + video production. When I create a song or album, all I use is my imagination and creativity. Then works with a lot of samples (for example wav or midi) + use memories from the past.

With all your biggest gigs and support from London Sound Academy, what is your next goal?

I played only a couple of gigs. It was just a test.

Ministry Of Sound (Loft) - LONDON – Supported by LSA – London Sound Academy
Hotel Paradiso Ibiza – IBIZA - Supported by LSA
Itaca Beach – IBIZA - Supported by LSA
Santos Ibiza – IBIZA - Supported by LSA

In the future I want to visit couple bars or clubs where would I like to play, make connections, and support their events, give them reasons why they should hire me, play the right music for specific event.

Also do my own music, be visible on social media, do some promotions, adverts, there's a lot of stuff to do. Or I will hire somebody who would like to help me or work with me, some team to organize all these things. Of course it will cost something.

For a new and upcoming youth who wants to be an accomplished DJ like yourself, what is your advice?

Do what you like. Do music / DJing because you love it, no matter what others say, you should never give up. There will not be a big support at the beginning but you will meet different people and you reach your goals. It's about patience and hard work,  in short!

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