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Managers and Millionaires

Polina Pushkareva is always looking for a different perspective. The Russian born IG blogger may not have been the first to understand the potential benefits of this online platform but she has more than made up for lost time in her mastery of it. In a scant two years she transformed her online presence from mundane to become one of the most influential bloggers in her home country; it’s a brand that is now gaining immense online attention. Interviewed for her knowledge base by GQ, Cosmo, Vogue, and other publications, Pushkareva has become the de facto expert of IG blogs, stories, and identity. While many attempt to copy her template, Polina asserts that success is rooted in channeling one’s own personality through an approach she has researched and field tested. She has presented these in this year’s “Managers” and “Millionaires” which were recently released as online courses with thousand signing up for them. Pushkareva speaks to an audience who is creative, driven, and seeking a lifestyle that allows true “living” rather than simply “getting by.”

Pushkareva’s early days assisting other bloggers to get high yielding results led to numerous offers and her own personal development of schemes and mechanisms of net promotion. Polina became a “blogger manager” before there was such a profession. With the increasing popularity of her own blog and an inability to cope with the demands, Pushkareva created her first “Managers” course in 2018 to train these helpers and it sold on the first day of sales. Subsequent rounds of “Managers” proved to be similarly well received by an enthusiastic audience. Few programs offer the dually benevolent results of “Managers.” Polina informs, “My experiences on both sides of the equation informed me about what each side is looking for as well as what the positive effects can be. I designed Managers to aid both. Bloggers are freed up to pursue creativity and what they find interesting while those with the talent and desire to create a remote profession for themselves as managers can do so.” This is most promising and relevant to an American Instagram audience. Pushkareva confirms that she is actively working with popular bloggers in the US and seeing enormous interest there. She relates, “At the moment, American Instagram isn't yet as well developed and organized as that of Russia. My ideas caught the attention of US bloggers, so we started working together. Russian-speaking Instagram is more developed than the American one in terms of monetization. At this stage, the majority of American bloggers are only selling advertising, and those who want to make more money from their blog turn to Russian specialists with experience.”

Ms. Pushkareva’s experiences have also led her to develop the recent marathon “Millionaires.” This first offering began on January of this year and attracted a membership of 4,000 who sought Polina’s training and advice. As someone who transformed a monthly salary of $130 to $200,000 via her Instagram work in the span of one year, her strategies for financial growth and freedom have garnered yet another subset of followers. In fact, Ms. Pushkareva was invited to follow well-known names like Tony Robins, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in speaking at the Synergy Global Forum. Hinting at her perspective, Polina defines, “I believe that multiple revenue streams are essential to a modern iteration of financial wellbeing. I work as a blogger manager, conduct courses and webinars, produce info products for bloggers, offer consulting, and much more. The most successful formula for most people combines freelancing with regular jobs. A steady job affords financial stability and social packages while freelancing provides an opportunity to increase their income. You shouldn’t restrict your professional life and income to the definitions of previous eras.”

English language versions of “Managers” and “Millionaires” are currently in production for the English speaking markets. 

Author: Patrick Wilson

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