Working Parents Business Management for the Home Yes Please!

When you run your own business, you run a tight ship. You have processes and procedures in place to keep your organization running efficiently so you can give customers and clients the service they deserve. You know how to negotiate deals with suppliers to get the best price possible. You know how to get the best from your team, and if efficiency is compromised, you are all over it. 
Running a business is much like running a home; both are deemed a success if they are:
  1. Organized
  2. Efficient
  3. Productive
  4. Scalable
  5. Built on respect
  6. A great place to spend time
These similarities prompt the question, do you apply your business knowledge in the home? 
Chances are high you don’t, but there are many benefits to applying your business skills in the home. Sounds crazy? Let’s look:
If you are unable to carry out a task because you can’t or perhaps the skills, you outsource. It’s a no-brainer. Outsourcing allows you to be in control of the budget, the quality, and the deadline to fit your schedule and demands.
At home, it’s the same. Rather than trying to DIY a home repair or decorate the bedrooms, save time and energy and outsource. You are tired after a busy week, and come home to empty cupboards, get a take-out. A Grubhub promo code gives you discounts (so you can tick the budget-saving box too) and convenience.
You know the importance of budgeting and forecasting at work. Every dollar must be accounted for. Every decision that you make is informed by the effect on the bottom line and the return on investment.
The average American household has a debt of $137,063. It’s so crucial that you tackle your household debt, reduce your expenditure, and make savings. If you haven’t already calculated a budget for your family living costs, it’s time to take the bull by the horns. 
Job descriptions
Your enterprise runs smoothly because your employees understand their roles, their obligations, and what is expected from. The same should also apply to home. Age is no barrier when it comes to doing jobs in the house – there is something age appropriate for all children.
By giving your children chores to do on a daily or weekly basis, you are teaching them about responsibility and the importance of working in a team— great lessons for life and a boost to household efficiency too. 
Your business appointment book is the crux of keeping organized. You need to know when and where you are meant to be, and any impending deadlines you must meet. Whether you use technology or a planner to record your schedule, without it, you are lost.
At home, all family members must know each other’s schedules. So, get a family planner that everyone can see. It’s also a great way to chart the chores, so there’s no room for excuses.
There’s very little difference between running a home and a business, but your home life will benefit from the business processes and procedures that you use in your workplace. With greater organization, financial stability, and more teamwork, life becomes more manageable.

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