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4 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Spring is here, and that means that soon it will be the wedding season. Most people have at least one if not five weddings on their docket this spring, so how do you keep yours fresh and unique? All it takes is a few simple twists to create a wedding that stands out from the crowd. Sure, you will probably be walking down the aisle in white like all the other brides, but that doesn't have to mean you blend in with them either. Here are four quick and easy ways to add a personal touch to your wedding this year.

Choose Your Own Music

Most weddings feature DJs these days instead of bands, but that doesn't mean that you need to lose your own personal tastes. There is no reason that the DJ has to play the top ten music the entire time. Instead, give the DJ a list of music that you and your significant other love. Whether that is jazz, the Beatles, country, or random indie music it's your day so let your own personal taste in music shine. Your guests will love that your wedding is not one big mixtape for Post Malone and Billie Eilish.

Create Photo Wedding Invitations

Personalize your wedding before it even takes place by sending out photo wedding invitations. Your guests will immediately react to seeing engagement photos or a candid shot of the happy couple before the big day. Plus, most people tend to keep cards that have photos on them. So instead of your expensive wedding invitations ending up in the trash can, they will probably end up on the fridge or the wall where all of the Christmas cards go. This one simple addition is enough to make your wedding a bit more memorable year-round to guests.

Open Seating

Assigned seating is awkward for everyone at a wedding. Not only does it create an impossible task for you as the planner as you try to create the perfect seating chart, but it usually fails to actually work. In the end, guests end up uncomfortable and wishing they could be somewhere else. Plus, once the dance floor opens up people migrate where they want and the seating chart is abandoned. Do your guests and yourself a favor by skipping out on the seating chart and allowing people to sit where they want. If you must have a chart for high priority members of your family, consider just seating your parents and immediate family members near the front and leaving the rest open.

Jazz Up the Recessional

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to solemnly walk down the aisle to recessional music. Jazz up the event by choosing an upbeat or trending song and dance down the aisle instead. Not only will this create great memories (and wedding pictures) but your guests will absolutely love it. You may even go viral if the dancing skills of your wedding party are up to par. Offer the guests some bubbles, pom poms, or ribbon wands to make the recessional even more spectacular.

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