Italian DJ and producer Zutex on his music

Zutex is a DJ / producer from Vicenza (Italy) born on January 24, 1992. From the early years he attended several piano courses and at the age of 16 he studied at the Vicenza Conservatory. At the age of 23, he enrolled for the first time in an electronic music academy (Audioacademy) and then at the Istituto Musicale Veneto to perfect his Ableton Live studio. The Zutex genre ranges from Hardstyle to Raw with currently 4 fully self-produced active productions.

As a DJ / producer, what's the biggest challenge? How are you getting over it?

Certainly one of the biggest challenges of today is to be able to emerge among the many DJs and producers who every day, thanks also to social media and new technological equipment on the market, are born on the web.

My advice to overcome this big problem is to try more and more in new production styles and above all personal looking for complex and exclusive sounds.

What is your musical background? If you are given another chance to start all over again (be it the change of instrument or the method of learning music, etc.), how would you do it?

My musical background consists of two genres mainly: Hard Dance and Hard Style with a lot of melody and emotion.

If I had to start my musical journey again today I believe that I would repeat exactly the same steps and study the same instruments that are helping me a lot in the field of production today: Piano and Percussion.

When did you start learning electronic music?

The open-ended study in the field of electronic music began at the age of 24 by attending 2 of the most important academies in my area: Audioacademy and Istituto Musicale Veneto.

What led you to this and what was your story?

The desire and the love I feel when I play my records or, even better, when they are played by others. I believe this is the real reason that pushes me more and more to believe and give passion in what I do.

How would you describe the genre of your music? Why is it interesting for you?

Certainly the genre I have chosen goes well against the situation, especially in Italy, of clubs and clubs where today they are mainly submerged by Trap / Reggaeton sounds. My choice stems from the fact that, in my opinion, a "shock" is needed for locals and young people.

The premises are always more empty and the discos tighten the track more and more to make it seem full and all this, in my opinion, simply because with genres like the Reggaeton at 80/100 BPM people can not run wild on the track creating situations like those of a few years ago where EDM exploded or even earlier with TECHNO and DANCE where the BPMs were much higher.

Where can our fans listen to your music?

My music can be found on my Spotify channel but also on Soundcloud and Youtube while for those who want to buy them they can be found on ITunes and Apple Music. Here are all the links to listen and follow me:

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