Producer Gabriela Andrade Gorab

Gabriela is a producer at an independent film and television company with film productions on 4 continents; Her creative skills make her a contributor to various written media where she writes about Art, Culture and Innovation. Gabriela is a member of various non-profit organizations related to arts and culture such as Amigos MAP, Amigos del MAM, Patronage Ruta de la Amistad and Home Storytellers. She works sporadically in corporations on issues related to innovation and mindfulness for employees. Countries in which she has lived, worked, and / or studied include Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Photo: Guillermo Kahlo

What is your academic background? How does it impact you as who you are today?

I am knowledge lover. I have a degree in Arts with a mayor in Communication and Advertising and a minor in Film and TV from Bond University, Australia. I have studies in Humanities and Art fields from Harvard, and (currently) The MoMA, Psychology studies from the University of Queensland, Poverty and Social Development studies as well as an Entrepreneurship Program from MIT, etc. I try to take as many courses and seminars either online or offline as much as I can. I was invited by Cornell University to take a MBA, however I declined since my interests are more focused on the creative, artistic and communication fields, however sometimes I do need some administrative skills…. I grew up in a family of medical doctors, scientists who taught me always to look forward and deep, having a humanistic and pragmatic approach… yes, indeed I have always been interested and curious about everything…always with a very high intellect drive specially conveying the greater good. Since I remember I have been involved in the arts and watched all sort of films as well as involved in altruistic causes… I guess that’s why my passion for social development, innovation, creativity and the arts.

How long have you left your home country? Where was it and where are you now?

I have been here and there since I was 19. Currently I reside in Mexico City, I lived for about 8 years in Australia, have worked lived and studied in countries such as New Zealand, United States, England and Indonesia, but Australia will always be deep in my heart, after Mexico of course.

Which are your most unforgettable projects undertaken so far? Why?

So many, all of them have been special. A TV show we had (Film and TV company) for Disney ESPN was a great experience since realizing how much work is behind a BIG film production just makes your perspective of the media way so different; also productions for TEDx in Mexico, all the fundraising projects for Mexican artisans of Amigos MAP (Museum of –Mexican- Popular Art NGO) this last one is just amazing, as in the marvelous work that Mexican artcraft people do, the love and dedication they put in every little detail; working for the Mexican government in regards social programs for lots of groups of unprivileged women helped me to see more in depth the reality not only of women but of people and their circumstances overall; being in the board of Home Storytellers an NGO who creates documentary films and impact campaigns to amplify solutions to the refugee crisis has been another eye opener as well since my knowledge about this was almost none; working with Virtual Reality has been breath taking. Right now, I can say that I am happy and blessed. I am a freelance journalist, writing about art, culture and innovation, I have traveled, got into weird places and learned way too much while having fun. My mom who is an Infectology specialist doctor is in the front lines in Mexico, I can proudly say that I have been her assistant, at least in what technology concerns…

At the moment I am being part of Somos Arte México, a NGO in regards the Arts, we are a group of independent businesses, creatives and artists fundrising money to buy essential goods and distribute them along unpriviliged families in Mexico. We are receiving international donations via Paypal through

Artists'Container is a project me and other two guys have about promoting living Artists via Instagram. I am the curator of this project in which we promote & raise awareness about living artists. We brighten people's mind & increase their knowledge.

What does your corporate world experience mean to you?

My corporative world experience means a lot, however I wish it could be way bigger… I like to innovate and offer employees a different lifestyle, a different way of approaching and perceiving life overall, hopefully I can get more in depth and more involved bringing my team along.

LQRF_REEL from LQRF on Vimeo.

Who or what kind of events inspired you in life? What is your vision for the future (post-COVID19)?

I know it might sound as a cliché, but I find inspiration everywhere. I learned a lot with the online courses The Science of Everyday Thinking and the Science of Happiness by the University of Queensland, the fact and the reality of the mind and the fact that we can change the perceptions of the world is just amazing, I was born 3 months premature so that is also something that inspires me and gives me the drive to keep on going; also reading, travelling, listening to new music and watching foreign films have given me lots of inspiration.

The vision that I hold for the future in regards COVID19… I definitely think that people are being awakened, I truly wish that corporations change the way they operate from now on… I have had chats with Directors of big companies and yes, they are enjoying their home office since they have better quality of life and time with their loved ones, enjoy what we have so fat and what is free, such as the privilege and gifts of Nature.

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