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Social Problems Affecting Students and Schools

As John Dewey says – Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. The classroom can feel like a battlefield for many students and rightly so because it sets as up to a lifelong learning. If you’re looking to enroll your kid to a new school or transferring him to a new one, you may be looking at different resources like this to equip yourself and your kid with the knowledge of what to expect when school starts.

Students are taught languages, science, mathematics, history, and other subjects. They participate in sports activities, socialize, and learn to adapt to different social situations. However, social issues oftentimes plague our education system, especially in public schools.

In this article, we will discuss the social problems affecting students and schools.

Ethnic Issues. Many children belonging to certain ethnic groups are reportedly being wrongly judged as being slower learners compared to other races. This cannot be further from the truth since one’s learning ability is not directly related to their ethnicity. However, because of social or geographical factors, children from different ethnic groups lack some exposure to sources of learning. Other stereotypes are attached to specific races, which puts the children involved at risk of developing low self-esteem and learning impediments.

Emotional Issues. Our society has changed gradually over the past few decades. Today, social issues are high and, in some cases, kids are brought up in single-parent families. Growing up in broken homes affects the emotional health of a student adversely and it may cause lower performance at school. In any case, even children who are brought up in homes with both present parents do not necessarily mean that their emotional needs are met since many families today have both parents working.

Economic Issues. Many social issues arise because of the economic levels a student belongs to. Students with poor families are most likely to enroll in public schools. Sadly, these schools may not be as well equipped with technology as private or international schools. This puts them at a disadvantage compared to other students who go to high-tier schools.

Gender Issues. This social issue exists due to differential treatment based on gender. In some sections of society, girls get lesser opportunities for studying compared to boys. Expectations from girls to score better in studies or even study further are less as well.

Cultural Issues and ethical. Students that belong to immigrant families may not be adept with the English language, which can create a barrier in the rapport between students and teachers and lead to the student not receiving a proper education. Certain ethical issues in education affect students. For instance, whether to permit phones in school or not, should uniforms be made compulsory, etc.

To tackle these issues, parents need to make certain decisions and see to it that their kids are enrolled in a good school that fosters respect regardless of diversity. If you’re an ex-pat or a culturally/ethnically, etc. diverse family, consider enrolling your kid to an International School that offers superior learning paths like PYP or Cambridge IGCSE. The outcome of this curriculum includes proactive thinking, inquiry-based learning and problem-solving. It offers a good balance between absorbing local culture while embracing the international outlook, and subsequently lays the groundwork for lifelong learning.

We’re continually seeing improvements in how world governments implement solutions to social issues in schools. For now, parents need to ensure that their kids are in the right learning institute and are taught diversity, especially at home.

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