5 Important Things You Must Not Forget To Do After a Car Accident

The United States deals with over 6 million car accidents each year. One out of three accidents lead to personal injuries, and two out of ten involve deadly injuries. Accidents can happen whether you are driving a personal car or sharing a ride, in case if you experience an accident in Lyft, you may consult Chicago Lyft Accident Lawyer to compensate for your damages.

When you are on the road, you may not predict accidents, but there are some sure measures you can adopt to save yourself if you meet a road accident. 
Following are the things that you should do promptly after the incident:

Stay on Scene

Do not step back or lose from the scene. Stay right there at the site. Probably if you are with other members, they may get some more serious injuries than you and you should step ahead to help them.

Call the Police

It is always preferred to call the police immediately in case of such happening and report the accident. You may need the police report later to claim life and vehicle insurance.

Protect the Others

If your accident is interfering with traffic, it may cause more accidents on the road. If it is dark, keep the car headlights on and set up some flares. The car flashers may stop working due to severe hits so you must keep a flashlight in your vehicle. Take out the other passengers from the car and wait by the side of the road for the rescue team arrival. 

Take Pictures and Make Record

After handling the situation a little bit if you are able to do so, take some clicks of all visible damages to your car. After the car, take pictures of your injuries. If you are unable to click the scene on the spot, you may take the photographs after the accident.

At the arrival of the police, tell everything to the officer what happened. A small piece of details could be helpful. Try not to hide anything or exaggerate any aspect to the police. 

Seek Medical Attention

You may get some hidden injuries, and you could not feel the pain at the time of the accident. Some people reported severe pain after some days of the accidents. Pay a visit to the hospital emergency or your family physician to get proper medical attention.

Report to the Insurance Company

Some insurance companies ask for immediate reporting. Inform your insurance company at your earliest. If your insurance plan covers medical benefits, you can get that coverage. 

Keep a Record File and Protect Your Rights

Make a record of all the information and documents related to the accident. The information inside the file should include the claim’s number, claim adjuster’s name, expenses receipt etc.
Your attorney is the person who can help you in collecting pieces of evidence and protecting your rights. The moment after the accident, your first action should be to consult your lawyer. Your attorney can counsel to compensate you in the form of medical treatment and vehicle. It is advised that you should exchange full detailed information with your lawyer to get rightful compensation.

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