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Anant - Post Modern Art house

The undying fascination of Anant Singh with the dynamics and beauty of art finally took form of a 'Post Modern Art house' named 'Anant' (A sanskrit word for Infinity) which he started in March-2020 in the city of Jaipur (India). With 24 karat gold leaf/color as their niche they created an art architecture where folk, traditional & tribal art forms can be sensibly and sensitively positioned in the global market. We have conducted an interview with Anant Singh.

What is so special about your 24 Karat Gold Leaf?

The really special part about 24 Karat Gold Leaf is the elemental richness it provides to our artworks. Gold not only has a cultural significance throughout history but it also has an investment value. Once you include 24 Karat Gold as an art medium it enriches and provides a whole new dimension to an art piece. Besides this, most cultures consider gold to be an auspicious metal and is believed to bring luck, harmony and prosperity. Therefore, incorporating gold - provides an aesthetic spectrum to a painting which enhances its emotional, societal & cultural value.

What is your approach and process of making art?

Our approach to make an art work is simply to strike a harmonious balance between the design, materials and craftsmanship. Our process starts by buying 24 karat certified gold wire (as per the project requirement) which is then handed over to our master craftsman who uses age old manual techniques to make gold leaves & gold paints out of it. Once it is done our skilled artisans sensitively uses the material to make artworks either on handmade paper sheets or linen canvas (depending upon the requirement). It is also our attempt to make the process as manual as possible so we can provide maximum employment to skilled craftsman who otherwise are living a life of poverty.

Who is your product ideally for? What are the ideal ways of using it?

Our art signatures are ideal for
(a) Individuals who would love to aesthetically enhance their living spaces with exclusive designs inspired by folk & traditional art works. This includes wall accents, wall hangings, soft decor, cultural souvenir or just for art collection.

(b) Commercial units such as hotels, boutiques & upscale residential projects. We exclusively create a detailed thematic 'artscape' as per the need and values of a commercial unit.

Ideal ways to use our art signatures is to consult us with what you have in mind and our team will provide you with the best suited possibilities. This includes space assessment, design selection, framing options and much more.

Why should artists use it?

Artists are always trying hard to find a niche for themselves. Upcoming artists should also focus on the value they want to create through their artworks. Personally, gold as an art medium is one the most exquisite element which one can try. Through this platform, I would like to take this opportunity to help any one who wish to pursue this form of artwork or in need of any art advice. Always remember, business of art and creative aspect of art should always strike a harmonious balance. There are many unexplored mediums, themes and prospects and I would be more than happy to assist you in whichever way I could. Feel absolutely free to directly contact me and I would be more than happy to share everything I know.

How did you discover this unique selling proposition of yours?

I was always fascinated by the beauty & dynamics of art. Having a masters degree in business administration and running a successful business of 'digital marketing' for long time I finally decided to explore the endless potential of Art Market in a systemic manner. After lots of research I decided to use 24 Karat Gold Leaf/Paint as my medium and tribal, folk & traditional art as my concept. That is how I reached my unique selling proposition. I also believe that more employment you provide, more information you share, more societal value you create, more transparently you function, more people you uplift - the better it is.

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