Chadaporn Mitinunwong on her debut film The Gifted Ones

Chadaporn Mitinunwong grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. She was deeply interested in 3D design and artistry. Working close to directors and producers she learned the crucial primary goal of both hats. She moved to California to continue her studies of modern Film and Television. We have conducted a short interview with her.

What kind of challenges do you face as a female filmmaker?

‘Being a confident leader’; I think that’s a challenge everyone has to face, whether it’s a man or a woman. We all get to that point where we have to face tremendous pressure and somehow overcome it to lead our team to success. Honestly, I wasn’t born with a talent in filmmaking. All I had was a belief. A belief that anybody who works hard, commits themselves and does something with passion, it will always pay off. You’ve got to have that self- esteem that comes from within. I always tell myself that I can do it. Although every time when I’m on set, I always try to be prepared for anything, there are things that always go wrong. Trust me. As a leader you have to be calm and collective in such situations.

Chadaporn Mitinunwong

Do you think being female in the filmmaking industry is a setback or breakthrough?

It depends. Being on the top of the game can sometimes be a burden. But I don’t think gender plays a significant role here. If you are not afraid of what you’re doing, to work hard, to keep leaning and to have deeper respect for your cast and crew, there will always be a chance for you to shine.

Chadaporn Mitinunwong

What was(is) your dream? How did you know that it was your passion in life?

My dream was and is to work in the film industry. Specifically, in post-production. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big position. I am so motivated when I’m surrounded by talented people. You know it’s right when you are in a place that you don’t feel afraid anymore and everything is in constant motion. A place that awakens my curiosity and creativity. That’s how I know.

Chadaporn Mitinunwong

What choices did you have to make in order to reach your dream? Why did you resort to leaving home to fulfill your dreams?

Leaving home and starting everything from scratch was the biggest decision I took in my life. But I wanted to learn from the best in Hollywood. Although it was a great start for my career, on hindsight it sounds truly insane to leave everything and everyone I knew behind to follow what looked like a crazy dream. I used all my savings to be here and I was taking a huge gamble on my life. But I was so lucky to have such great support from my family. And I don’t regret an of my decisions.

Chadaporn Mitinunwong

How different or similar is 3D design and artistry from cinematic art and movement?

I think it's pretty much the same. The only difference is the process and function. In 3D you have the liberty of experimenting with unlimited movement. You can get whatever angle you want and you have the flexibility to control everything. In contrast, to get to the shot you want, almost everything must be heavily prepared in advance for film. When you enter the set there are limitations in flexibility. No matter how big the set is or how big the budget is. However, the idea of movement for me is always the same. We all want to craft the best and beautiful shots which compliments and contributes to the characters and story.

Which is your debut or first film production? Which is your favorite part in this film? When or where can our film buffs see it?

‘The Gifted Ones’ is my directorial debut. I am very proud of it. It was the first time I got the chance to direct and craft the storytelling the way I wanted. The best part of it was to being able to work with a group of dedicated filmmakers which was was extremely inspiring. The professionalism of these amateur filmmakers suddenly awaked an energy within me that I never knew I had and the sheer joy of achievement that we shared together making this film was a grateful moment that I truly cherish.

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