Hagen Rosskopf Shares Steps to Reduce the Risk of a Costly Injury

In 2017, accidents or unintentional injuries were the third leading cause of death. While people may mistakenly believe that it can’t happen to them, physicians and personal injury attorneys know differently.

Fortunately, there are many concrete, actionable tips that anyone can follow to reduce their chances of suffering from a preventable injury. This is not by any means a complete safety manual, but it may make you think about the steps you can take to prevent an avoidable injury.

Hagen Rosskopf, a personal injury law firm, explains some of the steps that responsible citizens need to take in order to minimize their chances of a personal injury.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are a serious problem that is exacerbated by irresponsible drivers. Many auto accidents are caused by drivers who are inexperienced, distracted, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or simply irresponsible. It may seem that a car accident is something that can’t be prevented, but there are steps that the average driver can take to make sure they do not become a statistic.

• Perform routine maintenance checks on your vehicle to make sure there are no safety defects.
• Stay alert, do not drive when you are tired.
• Make sure that your mirrors are adjusted properly and that you use them when turning or changing lanes. Turn your head to look to the sides of your car to check your blind spot; don’t rely only on your mirrors.
• Do not drive distracted. Do not talk on the phone, text, eat, or talk excessively to your passengers.
• Observe the speed limit.
• Be careful in dangerous weather conditions like snow, ice, and storms. If you don’t need to go out, stay in. If you live in an area where road conditions are frequently poor in the wintertime, consider getting studded snow tires for your vehicle.
• Do not drink alcohol or take intoxicating drugs before driving. You may believe that you are ‘okay to drive,’ but the safest amount of alcohol or drug use before driving is none. Many people are more impaired than they think, and alcohol interferes with a driver’s judgment.
• Always wear your seatbelt. Wearing a seatbelt is associated with a 45 percent lower chance of death and a 50 percent lower chance of serious injury, according to the CDC.

Slips and Falls

• Keep floors and sidewalks clean and clutter-free. When walkways are clear, there is far lower chance of a personal injury.
• Make sure that stairways have proper handrails and always use them, especially if you have a mobility issue.
• Wear sturdy, comfortable footwear. High heels and slippery sandals could cause injuries.
• Make sure that there is proper lighting in every area. If you are outside in the dark, carry a flashlight.
• Use step stools to climb up and retrieve an item, do not stand on a chair or table. When you are finished with the step stool, move it out of the way so that no one else trips on it.
• Keep floors in good condition. Having an uneven floorboard, loose carpet edge, or broken tile can cause falls.
• If you are mobility-impaired, make sure that you use the appropriate walker, cane, or scooter. Many people do not use walking assistance when they need it due to vanity, but it is more important to be safe.
• Use proper signage if floors are wet or uneven. When walking, pay attention to signage. If there is signage that you did not see, it is possible that you would have difficulty winning a personal injury lawsuit.

Home Injuries

• Be careful with the use of tools. Inexperienced tool users may injure themselves more frequently. Even a kitchen mixer can cause serious injuries if it is operated inappropriately. Make sure that long hair is tied up and out of the way of any kind of equipment including kitchen tools.
Turn your home water heater down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help to prevent scalding and burns, especially where young children are involved.

Water Safety

Water safety is paramount when you are living with young children. This is not an exhaustive list of safety tips, but it will give you something to think about.
• Make sure that your pool fence is at least 4 feet tall and can’t be climbed. Make sure that the gate is kept locked and that any exterior doors leading to the pool are alarmed. A young child can slip out of the house and drown in a matter of minutes.
• Never swim alone. Always bring a friend with you. If you are inexperienced, stay on a beach with a lifeguard.
• Supervise children in the bath. Again, they can drown rapidly and in very little water.
• Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket when you are boating.

Food for Thought

While this is not a complete list of safety tips, it will give the reader something to think about. Safety from personal injuries is not on many people’s radar, but it should be. Focus on preventing injuries whenever possible.

If a personal injury is the fault of another party, the victim may be able to bring a lawsuit against them. This is especially true if an auto accident has occurred. A personal injury attorney like Hagen Rosskopf may be able to help an innocent victim be compensated for their pain and suffering, but the best protection is to be proactive.

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