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How to Keep Data Safe in 2020

It’s incredible to think that only ten years ago, there was little talk of data and its importance for business. Now, data is seen as the key resource that’s driving our digital economy, helping connect consumers with companies better. But data is a double-edged sword, in that it can do as much harm for your business as the good it can also undoubtedly do. In this article, you’ll learn how to keep your data safe throughout 2020 and into the future, so that you don’t experience the type of damaging data theft, loss or breaches that can befall even the largest of businesses.

Staff Training
First and foremost, you’re going to need to tell your staff about the risks to the data that they handle daily. Your staff will likely have to sign NDAs to ensure that they understand the importance of keeping data safe on the job. Further, you should find a training module to help them understand online risks and sources of data issues, such as:
  • Phishing emails disguised in employee inboxes
  • Harmful websites that your staff should avoid
  • Irresponsible work practices that can lead to data leaks
  • Better password security and, if possible, two-factor authentication for all staff
These elements of your staff’s behavior will do a great deal to help you protect your data, keeping it safe throughout the 2020s.

Next up are the cybersecurity programs that you’ll want to use within your company. The best of these solutions are iron-clad warriors, beating off any threats that they perceive and keeping your data safe in a vault within your company’s network. It’s worth splashing the cash on cybersecurity because the best systems are often the most expensive, as technicians work hard to update these systems regularly in response to new threats. 
When you’re installing a new cybersecurity system, ensure that it covers the cloud as well as your local network and that you can map it onto the laptops of your workers who will be remote working in the future. This will help patch over the gaps in your cybersecurity provision, further protecting your data. 

Data Storage
Finally, your data isn’t only under threat from the kind of cybercriminals who are out to steal it. It’s also under threat from a far less sinister, but ever-present enemy: corruption and loss. To securely store your data, you need to rely on high-quality software to process and file your most important work within your company. 
Microsoft is regarded as a leader in file recovery, storage, and cloud facilities for businesses. By contacting a Microsoft reseller, and asking them to show you which products and software solutions will keep all of your data safe, you’ll be able to make use of Microsoft’s most impressive software for your business. Indeed, by onboarding new software to protect your business, on top of your cybersecurity network, you’ll be able to achieve the peace of mind that your files are truly protected for the future. 

There you have it: three simple steps to making your data more secure for the coming decade. 
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