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Peter Nottrott on his abstract painting

Peter Nottrott in a freelance artist born in 1962 in northern Germany. He loves abstract painting having more than 600 international painting sales in 32 countries of the world under his belt. Peter paints authentically: his free painting, the abstract play of colors and shapes is not restricted by perspectives, light and shadows etc. In his life, he pays close attention to being as independent and free as possible. We have conducted a short interview with him.

What inspires you the most to paint authentically?

For me, authentic painting is abstract painting. With my abstract pictures, I am completely free in my creativity, in contrast to painting figurative pictures, where I am constrained by having my paintings limited by perspectives and light and shadows and the colors of the subject. I am fascinated by abstract painting. I love to compose different color combinations and forms into a painting, and I especially want to pass on my love of art to anyone that sees my work. 

Awsome Abstraction XL1
Awsome Abstraction XL1

What is your usual process when creating an abstract painting in your studio?

An important ritual before starting to paint is to share coffee with my friend from a neighboring studio who is a goldsmith. When I’m painting, I like to listen to meditative music, which is also essential to my creative process. In addition, I attach great importance to a positive, quiet studio atmosphere. When I feel well and balanced in the studio, I can focus all my energy and creativity into painting. I love it especially to paint larger pictures – my largest works are up to 10 sqm. Also, it is important that there is always something good to snack on in the studio.

Blue Symphony XL6
Blue Symphony XL6

Are there many painters who do this style of art? 

At first glance, there are of course a lot of painters who paint abstractly. At second glance, my painting style is very individual and unique. My pictures are created with acrylic colors in a special combination of brush and spatula techniques. Art lovers who know my style can easily find my paintings among all the other abstract works out there.

Lavender Daydream L1
Lavender Daydream L1

Who are your favorite artists ?

Gerhard Richter is my number one among abstract painters. I am impressed by his experimental and courageous use of color. But I also love impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I find it exciting that with impressionism, creating a realistic representation of the world is less important than its effect on the individual.

One of These Days M1
One of These Days M1

Why is being 'free' important to create the kind of art?

For me, the essential creative freedom is to be in my large, beloved atmospheric studio. The brushes and paints ready, a large white canvas in front of me. I love being completely immersed in painting – there I lose all track of time and of my surroundings. It is almost like being in a trance-like state. This type of freedom makes it possible for me to incorporate as much dynamic strength and positive energy as possible into my painting.

Slim Symphony in Bordeaux 1
Slim Symphony in Bordeaux 1

What is exactly limiting or how do you feel if you "are not free"? What will your art look like?

For me, restrictions are distractions such as appointments, phone calls and those annoying everyday tasks. All this disturbs my feeling of freedom, so that my paintings can look less dynamic, energetic and positive. 

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