Illustrator and graphic designer Kärt Hennoste

Kärt Hennoste is an Illustrator/Graphic Designer based in Estonia, Tallinn. Kärt’s artworks are mainly inspired by moments in everyday life - simple thoughts and observations are being formed into pictures. She mainly loves to use lines and clean colours, to keep everything simple and clean in her art.

Can you please introduce yourself shortly?

My name is Kärt Hennoste (b. 1988) and I’m from Estonia. I live and work in the capital Tallinn. After graduating from the University of Tallinn as a Teacher of Art Education MA (2012) I have been freelancing for my own business called Fly Illustration. 

What is a day in your life as an illustrator looks like?

My days are affected by the projects I'm working on. Some projects require a lot of in-depth research and communication with clients to find out their vision (e.g. “Musical Instruments”). Days can be busy but It's sort of a routine. One illustration takes about 4-5 hours which requires good self discipline, accuracy and maximum concentration to achieve the best results. 

Kärt Hennoste
Illustration for museum of Estonian theatre and music “Instruments of music”

Designing art exhibitions has offered exciting challenges where you need to unite clients’ expectations by using different materials to get an eye catching visual outcome. For example I curated an exhibition at the National Archives of Estonia in Tartu Noora house where I had to illustrate historical measurement units.

Kärt Hennoste
Illustration of historical measurements „4800 pounds“ (2018), National Archives of Estonia, Noora house

To produce anything creative the main focus is on the idea. I try to express my thoughts through simple and fun designs. These projects do not have deadlines but even then I like to get my work done as fast as possible to maintain momentary emotion. The final result can be achieved straight after or later if the idea is clearly maintained.

Kärt Hennoste
“Sweet peas” (2017)
Often clients expect ideas to be sketched free hand which are easy to understand. For example that's how illustration series of environmental issues was made for an educational program.

Kärt Hennoste
What sort of litter is in the sea? Educational program (2016)

What is your style? What kind of media and tools do you like the most? 

I love simple yet realistic illustrations. I prefer pastel, clean tones and also a light drawing line. From time to time I like to add a little bit of humor to my creations. I often sketches on paper, but mainly I use a digital drawing board. I also use photography - I like to take photos of plants, motives of nature, people showing different emotions and other details that can be used later on. Photos are an easy way to save a source of inspiration.

Which is your previous series of art works? How different are they from your recent new series of illustrations? 

So far most of my illustrations have been quite realistic, bright and positively charged. The new line of illustrations I'm currently working on is more abstract and deeper yet still light and pastel, but overall cleaner and more specific.

Kärt Hennoste
“Whole world” (2020)
Kärt Hennoste
„The Moon girl“ (2020)

At this moment, what is your main goal?

At the moment I'm concentrating mainly in graphic design and illustrating is more of a hobby of mine. In the future I'd like to focus mainly on illustrating. Next autumn I'm planning to participate in a Book Illustration course in Estonian Academy of Arts to expand my knowledge and come out of my comfort zone - learn new techniques and ways to express myself.

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