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SP Rutledge on his first children's book King Camilla

The Crazy Mind spoke with author SP Rutledge about KING CAMILLA, his first children's book released on July 11 on AmazonBook and the author’s website. King Camilla delivers a message of hope for all kids faced with obstacles to achieve their dreams. KING Camilla is the first book in a series of three. Here is what SP had to say.

Why did you craft this character, "Princess Camilla"?

I needed a passionate main character who knew what they wanted to be from a young age, and a Latina Princess was a perfect fit. Camilla knows what her dream is and goes after it wholeheartedly! I also took this as an opportunity to write for underrepresented characters. I can't name many Latina and brown Princesses. I was so lucky to see myself represented in so many different heroes while I was growing up. I think every child should have the same experience that I did. My book intends to reverse this underrepresentation trend. 

What is the key theme of your story?

Following your dreams, especially when people say you can't or shouldn't pursue your passions. I've been fortunate to have so many supportive people through my different stages in entertainment and life. I would love to pay that forward.

Who is your target reader?

The book is intended for children age two to eight. It is a whimsical and inspiring story for parents and grandparents to read to their kids and grandkids. It's a fantastic way to show the kids in your life that from an early age, you will support their dreams. And in the process, support a local artist too!

King Camilla

How do you challenge Princess Camilla, and will there be more new characters? 

At this point, Camilla challenges herself. She kind of took on her own personality, so I just wrote it down. She's hugely ambitious and sets high goals for herself, so there will be many obstacles for her to overcome in this three-book series. 

What inspires you to write this story and publish this book?

I have always had incredibly supportive people around me. I noticed at a very young age that not everyone gets the kind of support I had. It gave me the courage to try many different things and find out what I'm good at, and what I love. The message in this book is about finding the bravery to make your vision happen.

When is it coming up?

King Camilla is available July 11 on Amazon Books in paperback and e-book.

What's next for you?

I am currently working with Zay, the illustrator for images on the second book, while I am also finishing writing the third book. The big picture goal of this is to make it a Disney/Pixar film so we can inspire many generations to come. 
King Camilla

How did you go about picking the illustrator for your book?

Zay Harding was a natural choice. He is an incredibly talented artist who has worked on so many different projects. I told him I wanted to make a kid's book where the main character is an ambitious Latina Princess who wants to be King instead of Queen because she doesn't want to be someone's secondary. He signed on from day one. I'm forever thankful to that man for believing in me and this from the start. Shout out: Zay, you are truly the best, and working with you is a pleasure!

And The Crazy Mind wishes this author much success. 
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