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Make your room more charming and attractive with Waterlilies.

How to do it without real waterlilies? 

Empty walls are not attractive and exciting, to say with other words - "it is dull." One of the variants, how to improve this, and make the wall more attractive and bright, is to put up new wallpaper with depicted waterlilies. But such an operation requires tons of time or enough money to hire a repairer and to buy materials. You will need to change the wallpaper in the whole room; the co-altered look of only a small part of a wall will be gruesome. If you don't want to waste money and time repairing the whole room, then hanging painting or print with waterlilies would be a perfect solution.

Painting VS Print - what is better?

What is better: painting or print, depends on your budget and ambitions. Of cause quality of a hand made art is always better than printed on canvas, even if print made of high-quality materials. The price of well-painted reproduction could be from 90 dollars and up to 500 dollars. The modern art of pieces created by famous artists could be much more expensive - starting from 1000 dollars. Comparing to paintings, print on canvas will be much cheaper, the price interval could be starting from 9 to 250 US dollars with shipping included. The price size depends on the size of the art and the condition (rolled or ready to hang).

Why exactly, waterlilies?

These spring flowers are the embodiment of harmony and calmness. Usually, if people look at the painting with waterlilies, they imagine some river or lake, where they are having a rest, walking and do not have any worries. There is no needs to rush, no problems, just you and nature. So waterlilies are the best flower for escaping the everyday challenges and calming the nerves after a crazy day in a city. The print of ˇpainting with a depiction of waterlilies will feed your soul with positive emotions and help you manage with small issues and realize its nullity.

Where to hang a painting with waterlilies?

Why not go to bed and to awake with positive emotions? Painting with waterlilies could be an endless source of good mood and a perfect antidepressant. There is no need to buy plenty of expensive pills against depression, do meditation, and surround yourself with objects that bring you happiness and super good emotions. By the painting subject, the best place to hang waterlilies is a bathroom. Lying in the bath not comfy to use a smartphone for having fun; all the more, sometimes, you need a break from mobile phone and continuous flow of information. During your body, relaxing in warm water, enjoyable to rest your eyes too. You can hang painting or print with waterlilies anywhere in your house, where you spend a lot of time. The room will be more bright and cozy. 

Most popular paintings with waterlilies.

One of the most famous artists, who depicted waterlilies is Claude Monet. He created many beautiful paintings with waterlilies and experimented with shades, colors, and light a lot. Monet has achieved high skills in painting nature. Now his pictures are worth millions of dollars and tons of fans of his art all around the World. Between 1897 and 1926 years he painted 250 paintings with waterlilies—those years where the end of his career. He continued painting waterlilies even after his vision gone faulty. Those paintings that he made were not very good if he were already blind, I wouldn't buy it, because they are not very good.


If you do not have any wall art, prints, or paintings at home, and there is no possibility to go to suburbs to enjoy nature, then you can bring a depiction of nature to home. Thus you will have the possibility to contemplate waterlilies and improve your mood and mental health every day. If not enough money, buy a high-quality canvas print, check if it is waterproof (for the wall in a bathroom), and protected against the sun (will be bright forever). Choose the earlier jobs of Claude Monet - the most beautiful and beautifully painted.
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