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Interview with pop artist Iness Kaplun

Iness Kaplun is a New York Pop Art artist. Iness works in mixed media, collage, using newspapers, magazines, painting and drawing. Her passion for art and painting began at home as a child when her grandfather, himself an artist, painter and decorator, first handed her his brush. Her love of painting has remained within her throughout the years since, continuously reminding her of her roots and where she came from. We have conducted a short interview with Iness.

Where are you originally from and where are you based?

I live in New York City but originally I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I graduated from Saint-Petersburg University of Technology and Design with Art degree. Currently I teach Art and painting to children and adults in my art studio in addition to pursuing my own artistic career. 

Iness Kaplun

Tell us about your style/ favorite artists. 

In current moment of my life I find myself under a big influence of Pop Art. My favorite artists are Andy Warhol and his extremely contemporary point of view and very talented artist Romero Britto, with his bold colors and positive message. These two artists inspired me and helped me to find my artistic way and build my Art style. My art style consists of elements of Pop Art, bright colors, optimistic meaning and sensuality mixed together in my mixed media / collage. I primarily work with three bright colors: pink, blue/ turquoise and yellow. I call these colors “positive colors”. I try to fill my paintings with love and happiness. I also use hearts and love words because at this point of my life I think that Art should be positive. Art should bring happiness and love and provoke our imagination. Therefore, I picked 3 of my favorite colors where pink color represents love; blue color is the favorite color of all people. Blue color associated with freedom, imagination and sensitivity. Yellow color is a positive color, yellow represents happiness. These colors work perfectly in my mixed media.

What draws you to Mixed Media art?

I have a desire to experiment with texture and add meaning to my artworks. I build my mixed media on collage made of newspaper, magazines, comics and paint. I believe that collage made with different original pieces leaves a bigger impact on the viewers. This artwork can speak for itself.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the everyday life. People, places, music, food, movies and social media. Everything inspires me and gives me ideas for my paintings. I also admire a female body. I think it is a perfect artistic form and endless inspiration for any artist. I like to paint female lips, portraits, female body parts and heels. 

What Art means to you? 

Art is my passion, Art is my therapy, Art is my pure joy. When I paint, I paint my thoughts without saying a word. And if someone understands my thoughts then it’s the best pleasure and reward that I can get. 

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