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I am a Superhero - interview with author Shanna Star

Shanna Star has been known to be a speaker of truth by those who know her personally. It wasn't until 6.28.18 that Shanna realized her purpose on this earth was to speak her truths in the form of delivering messages that others have not yet found the courage or the words to deliver. The knowledge that Shanna possesses does not come from other books, but rather from our direct source of creation, the universe / God.

Why did you write the book "I am a Superhero" and what or who inspires you to write it?

Everything I do is intuitively guided, so I didn't have a plan to write this book. One day while stretching I got the idea that I should write a story about the ways I felt so different as a child, and the journey through trying to accept everything taught to us as 'normal', and eventually coming to realize that I'm different for a very important reason. I wanted children to know that they aren't alone in these thoughts, and i wanted adults to also know that they don't have to succumb to the expectations of this life placed upon them. I speak my truth because many are fearful of speaking the same thing due to the judgment that exists in the world. I was inspired to write this solely by my intuition, because that is what we are here to do, follow our guidance with a purpose of helping each other by first helping ourselves.

Shanna Star

Who is this book for?

This book is for children and adults of all ages. It starts as my own childlike mind, but is a story that adults will understand and relate to, as they also felt this way as children.

Shanna Star

What challenges did you face while writing the book? 

There were no challenges in writing the book. Because I have an understanding of a plan for my life larger than one I could create on my own, I allow everything to unfold naturally in its own divine timing. in doing this, there is no stress, no worry and no obstacles. i didn't have the money to publish it, but i knew this was because it wasn't time for it to be released. I knew that I would have the ability to publish as soon as it was the perfect time.

Shanna Star

How long did you take and when was it published?

It took me about 7 days to complete the project. when the idea came to me, I immediately acted on it so that it would flow naturally, so the story was typed in about 30 minutes. I then began to sketch what I saw in my mind for the illustrations because I understood that an outside illustrator could never bring my vision to life, as only I can. I worked on the illustrations day and night, 141 of them, for seven days straight. I did nothing else but draw in my apartment in Houston, TX, while listening to 'take it easy' by Dani Leigh and Chris Brown on repeat, also for seven days straight. i felt like i was seven again, with nothing else expected of me at that moment, but to release my creativity. The book was published September 2020 and is available now for preorder with a release date of October 30, 2020.

Shanna Star

If you could write it again, what would you like to add? 

There is nothing I would change about the book, or the choices I have made to self publish. It has all worked out perfectly and I am very proud that I have done everything myself for this project, from writing and illustrating, to registering and publishing, to creating all promo and marketing.

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