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Five Ways Medicine Will Improve in the Future

Medicine has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. The most obvious change has been in terms of how long we live for, but there are other notable changes too, such as our quality of life, the amount of pain that people go through, and suchlike. Yet we have not reached a plateau; there are likely to be further improvements, and the following are the ways in which medicine is likely to improve further over the next few years.


One of the ways that medicine may improve is through greater funding. As insurance providers diversify their offerings and greater investment flows in from the likes of China overseas, it is likely that there will be more money in research which improves drugs, cures for cancer, and of course, vaccines. Hospitals can be built, and more money can go to institutions, which means that professors can spend more of their time coming up with new inventions for medicine and new drugs, rather than on teaching students to fund their research.

Greater cooperation

If Covid achieved anything, it was in making multiple bodies and research institutions around the world devote themselves to a shared goal. Whether it is Oxford University, Astra Zeneca, or Harvard, many bodies across the world have been reporting results, and, what’s more, working with corporations within the Big Pharma industry to deliver them. Findings from one university have been transposed and used by another. All this has great potential to change the way we work on finding cures and improving the lives of people the world over for the better. 


Technology is another way in which medicine could improve over the coming years. With technology such as endoscopies and the ultrasonic clamp on flow meter, things which were previously done by humans, or never done at all, are able to be conducted by robotics or artificial intelligence, saving the valuable expertise and time of surgeons, doctors and nurses to devote themselves to looking after patients. 

Greater awareness

One of the lessons from Covid is that our health is the most important thing. If we have a cough, we shouldn’t pass it off as nothing, as that is one of the ways many elderly people died during the pandemic. If we are ill, we shouldn’t go into work because we risk passing on something, and there is no point in that. We have all learned to examine how illness affects us and what we can do with it.

Care for dementia

Alzheimer’s is the most common illness that blights people over a certain age, and it is considered widely upsetting that there is no cure for it yet. Over the coming years, however, it is likely that there will be better treatment in terms of how to exercise the mind and stop it from falling prey to dementia, as well as cures.

There is so much to look forward to, even despite the pandemic going on in the world at the moment because healthcare is improving all the time.

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