Flame Kizzle on his new single "She Got The Stick"

Elijah Sueing aka Flame Kizzle is an American musician from Phoenix, Arizona. He has released a new single called "She Got The Stick". We have conducted a short interview with him.

What inspires you in your musical style? Which genre/s do you listen to when not working on your own music?

What inspires me, is going to different studios. Coming up with new ideas, finding different trending topics to talk about. Watching a lot of Songwriters work, as hard as me. Putting in the same energy & effort or more. But what inspires me the most, is the youth. Given them advices, to never give up but to follow there dreams. Music I listen to, when I’m not working on music would be the radio. I like listening to pretty much everything. Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz & rock. 

Flame Kizzle

Who would you like to collaborate with? 

I would like to collaborate with, a Kansas City rapper. “Yung Cat” (Fat Tone Jr). I would like to work with a Compton, California rapper. “AD” also known as Armand Douglas. I would like to work with, a Arizona rapper. “C-Thug” I Am Arizona. I would like to collaborate with anybody, that want to work & network. 

Flame Kizzle

Do you play any instruments?

I don’t play, no instruments. I was in the fourth grade, at Percy L Julian school. I was trying to join the band. So the instrument that I was trying to play, was a trumpet. I was never good at it & I never made it in the band.

When did you release your new Single: "She Got The stick"? What is so special about this Single album?

I released my new single on November 4, 2020. This track is a hype song, for my fans. That just want to get turnt up & party. I also made this track, for the beautiful people around the world. 

Flame Kizzle

Where are you based? Are there other similar or complementary musicians that influence you? 

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. No, there isn’t any other Similar musicians. That influenced me, other then myself. 

Flame Kizzle

Is location an important aspect of making your music?

Yes & no. Because some musicians use there location, to get a buzz. In some musicians can use the Internet, to go viral.

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