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Painter Joselyn Miller

Joselyn Miller works with acrylic on canvas in a contemporary flat style, utilizing bold color to render her uplifting subjects. Her compositions are playful, often based on humorous themes. Raised in an artistic, modern design-centered family, Joselyn was highly influenced by her father, a noted architect, in pursuit of creative outlets. For several years, she has studied one-on-one with one of her art idols, renowned painter, James Strombotne. Formal education includes studies in drawing and painting at several colleges and universities, a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Southern California and a fashion design degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Several private and corporate collections include Joselyn’s paintings.

Joselyn Miller

Why do you like to incorporate 'humor' and 'nostalgia' in your works of art?

A few years back, I survived two rare, life-threatening illnesses, thanks to a bone marrow transplant from my brother and a relentless sense of humor. I emerged with a new found joy in everything life has to offer and a desire to create works that spark a smile or a chuckle. My work is based on humor and nostalgia, with lots of irony thrown in, because I believe that surrounding oneself with happy art maintains a happy soul.

Joselyn Miller

Why do you use bold colors? Why is it important to emphasize your works with full sentences as their respective titles?

I love using bold colors and line, because I want my pieces to be lively and radiate with delight and amusement. Colorful art is happy art. Why have something hanging on your wall if it doesn’t being you joy? I don’t try to make profound statements on society or politics; I focus more on lighthearted subject matter. Ironically, humorous art can still be “serious” art. I title my works with full sentences, to allow the viewers of my work to get to know what makes my subjects tick and to step up the levity. I figure these viewers are dying to know why Jerry is beaming after his table tennis match and who Stanley is trying to impress with his swan dives.

Joselyn Miller

Who are your subjects usually? 

For a work of art to compel me, there needs to be an unexpected element, color, juxtaposition, point of view or scale. In turn, I want the viewers of my paintings to be intrigued with the images. Often, I combine completely unrelated concepts, and that’s where the most fun is found. I believe mundane subjects can take on a magical quality when thrown together. I also love twisting common idioms or translating them literally. I aspire to create playful compositions that invoke questions, so I often paint common people doing ordinary things, but throw in a crasher or other unusual element. Why does that guy have a bird on his head? Wait just a minute - does that alligator have braces? Is that red rhinoceros skateboarding?

Joselyn Miller

How do you imagine your artistic style will evolve and change in the next five years? 

I would like to work on larger canvases, and possibly work on wood as well. Pushing paint around on a surface has stoked an enjoyment that I hope will continue for many years to come. The direction my painting will take is undetermined, but I’d love to trample the standard boundaries to be more extreme and fearless. 

Joselyn Miller

What is your special process when you're creating your art? 

I don’t have a regular source from which I mine ideas for my paintings. Stimulation surrounds each of us, and I have learned to keep my mind’s eye wide open, considering the never-ending display before me. Once I decide on an idea, I sketch possible compositions, and when I’m happy with something, I go to my canvas. I layer colors to build an interesting and textured background, then I sketch my design using charcoal, because it’s easy to erase. I paint over that, and usually make tweaks to what I’ve drawn. These tweaks often include a little humorous element that comes to me as I get to know my subject through the painting process. 

Joselyn Miller

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