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Painter Lilia Postu

Lilia Postu was born in the former Soviet Union of Russia and since 1996 she lives and works in Greece on the island of Santorini. She studied at Alexei Mateevich College of Fine Arts in Chisinaou and also took painting lessons at the Kalacheva school in Russia with Irina Klimova. We have conducted a short interview with Lilia.

Lilia Postu

Which is your favorite art tool/media? Why and which artist(s) inspire you to use "this tool" in your own artwork at the very first time?

One of my favorite art tools for painting are brushes of different sizes, I also like to use a spatula to create some kind of texture or strokes. It all depends on the size of the painting and the scene I intend to draw. 

One of my favorite abstract artists is Claire Desjerdins. unique bright paintings created by large brains with a spatula became a great inspiration for me, so I decided to use this tool in my works
The paints that I usually paint are acrylic, oil, watercolors. All are different but each is interesting in its own way.

Lilia Postu
The dance of the petals 60x80 cm

Where/what do you draw inspirations from? Which places/locations provide you with the most inspirations?

Most of all, nature inspires me to create my paintings. I live near the sea and every time I walk along the embankment I get new ideas for myself to create a new picture. Each of us sees and smells the world around us in his own way. I try to study nature and get inspired from any small details. It can be the flight of birds, the color of the sky at sunrise or sunset, the dynamics of waves, the shapes and lines of stones. Sometimes I will be inspired by different events from my life and, of course, my travels are a great flow of energy and inspiration.

Lilia Postu
View from the above 2 50x50cm

What kind of materials and subjects do you like to paint?

I really like to draw plots and objects at the sight of which my brain somehow switches and I want to embody what I saw on the canvas. At this moment I take up a brush and as if a new space opens up for me in which I, alone with my canvas, create my own reality It can be everything that surrounds me in my everyday life.

Lilia Postu
View from above 1 50x70cm

How long do you take to paint a painting (from blank canvas to finish)? When do you realize that it is completed, (enough is enough)? 

Usually I have no exact time to create paintings. Medium paintings I paint in two or three sessions. Large paintings take more time. It all depends on the plot and size. The most difficult moment for me is deciding when the painting is completed. Sometimes I decide quickly, in some cases I can change the plot to achieve a successful result. Every time I try to achieve the best result. It all depends on my mood and instinct. At some point I realize that I am happy with the result and decide to complete the picture.

Lilia Postu
Adagio red 120x100cm

Which type of artists' style inspires you? How do you feel when you're very inspired?

I can't say which style. When something inspires me, I don't think about the style, I just enjoy the painting. It can be abstraction, impressionism, expressionism, classic. For me, each style is beautiful in its own way.

Lilia Postu
Adagio yellow 120x100cm

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