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The Details of Cash for Houses Offers

When you have the blessing of cash inside your pockets, expect house offers piling up onto your doorstep. Having cash on-hand makes it easier for the seller to close on a house faster without financial troublesome such as bank approval, underwriting process and the likes.

A cash offer is pretty self-explanatory; the home buyer offers a seller the full purchase price of the house with no other type of financing included. Here are some details what makes a cash offer different: 

1) To Appraise or Not To Appraise
A cash offer has no middle man or a bank that requires a home appraisal. Appraisal often slows the home-buying process which makes it harder for the sellers to immediately close the transaction. It is up to the cash buyer to consider getting an appraisal for the benefit of oneself or skip it.

2) Benefits For Two
The underwriting process for a mortgage loan often takes a month or two of the home-buying process. Through cash, this could benefit both the buyer and the seller. The buyer is given faster processing because there’s no need for an underwriting. The seller also saves time and prevents any risk secondary to the pre-approval process the mortgage loan offers. 

3) The Upper Hand 
Cash vs. Mortgage, cash buyers are most often the stronger competitor unless the mortgage buyer offers more. The reasons are direct: the deal closes faster; the seller gets paid sooner. Not only that it is an easier process, cash buyers carries lesser risks of financial fall-outs.

4) Proof of Funds
With lesser risks, the concept of cash allows you to showcase the amount of funds you currently have. The buyer can make a moderate deposit to the house offer with an attachment of an official bank statement or any kind of proof of funds to assure that the seller is in good hands.

5) Yes to Necessary
Buying a house with cash can be less unlike those paid in loans. Typically, you have to pay various bank-related fees during closing and the home-buying processing. Through cash, you don’t need to pay the unnecessary since you don’t have a middle man. 

In conclusion, cash is significant to potential home owners that opts for quick and easy process in buying the property they hope for. It will always be case to case basis in real estate since price varies per city and per state. Regardless, you can never go wrong with the cash option. If you are wondering “How can I sell my house fast?” We’ll buy it from you. No issues. No strings. –

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