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2021 Fitness Fashion Trends

Fashion and fitness haven’t always mixed, but in recent years there has been an explosion in stylish gym wear. From colorful printed leggings to trendy crop tops, fitness fanatics can now look chic both during and after their workout. Below are some of the latest trends in fitness fashion. 

Patterned Leggings

Leggings are one of the most important fashion items in a woman’s fitness arsenal. While black designs are certainly popular, patterned leggings are on an upward trend. Whether it’s floral, geometric, leopard print, or galaxy print, patterned leggings come in all kinds of colors and sizes. 

Men’s Leggings

While the idea of men wearing leggings would have been unheard of many years ago, it is a growing trend that is likely to stay. With many new gender-bending styles out there, leggings are growing in popularity, especially as a means to stay warm. Men’s leggings can be worn under a pair of shorts for a casual, but stylish look. 

Smart Fitness

Perhaps even more relevant to 2021 is smart wearable tech. Ranging from smart watches to wristbands to headphones, smart gadgets have made their way into the fitness world. These handy devices allow the wearer to track their workouts, count their steps, and monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. They’re also becoming sleeker each year, meaning that they’re an important fashion accompaniment.


Headbands have come and gone over the years, but they are making a comeback. While these can be used as trendy head gear, they are also functional ways to keep the sweat off your face. If you’re exercising outdoors, fleece-lined headbands are a good choice. Alternatively, moisture-wicking headbands will do great inside a gym studio. To decide which kind of headband is best for you, why not visit and take advantage of Foot Locker coupons and check out their broad selection. 


In the spirit of environmental awareness, many are turning to eco-wear. This includes organic and sustainable clothing that has a decent carbon footprint. While this trend is fairly new, it is easy to find eco-wear for fitness online. Some of the brands to watch out for include:

  • Organic Basics
  • Pact
  • Patagonia
  • Summersalt
  • Athleta
  • Groceries Apparel


The need to stay warm before and after a workout has also led to a boom in pullover tops. But the ones designed for fitness are not like most pullovers. These articles of clothing come with multiple pockets and unique features such as thumbholes to prevent wind from entering your sleeves. Some are even equipped with quick-dry fabric in the armpit area so that you don’t show the sweat after your workout. 

Colorful Sports Bras

While bras are normally hidden in everyday wear, sports bras are now designed to be worn as they are, especially during an intense workout. The most traditional way to wear a sports bra is partially showing beneath other layers of clothing. Wearing a brightly colored sports bra beneath a loose crop top, for example, creates a stylish yoga look that can be worn by virtually anyone.  

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