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Painter Anastasia Fedorova

Anastasia Fedorova is an award-winning Ukrainian Canadian painter. Anastasia was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She is now located in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she resides and works. Anastasia Fedorova learned oil painting and drawing from celebrated Ukrainian painters for more than a decade before attending the Institute of Art and Design in Kiev. She later studied Art History at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. We have conducted a short interview with her.

What does art and painting mean to you? 

For me, art and painting, in particular, means to be present in the moment. My mode of perception of this world is made through a direct experience of the immediate presence. My goal is coming back to the ultimate source, which is nature, and to ourselves. I believe that nature and natural forms are the pathways to contemplation and creation. 

Mysterious Night

Why is art important, in your personal opinion and also at large? 

I believe that art is an essential part of our lives. I believe that beauty helps to educate our souls. Ugliness and chaos, on the other hand, destroys our spirit and prevents us from growing and developing. The most important purpose of art, therefore, is not only to make people feel better, but also help them to become better versions of themselves. 

Blue Pathes

What is your main subject? 

All my paintings start from nature where I am trying to transport the viewer to the better, sometimes idealized world. My paintings often struck the viewer with eternal themes like love, gratitude, self-discovery and finding happiness and joy in our life. I create every painting with an idea in mind, and nature serves me as a tool to deliver my ideas. At the same time, I see nature as a teacher, who makes me investigate the shape, color and ephemeral movements of the environment. By using a vibrant colorful palette and thick loaded brushstrokes I am emphasizing the dynamism and movement in nature.  


Where and how do you get inspired?

Nature is an ultimate source of inspiration for me. I love painting outside and always on the look out for a compelling scenery. My regular plein-airs are an important part of my work because they allow me to interact with nature, enriching my colour palette and discovering captivating nature`s bounty. I am very fortunate and grateful to live in Vancouver, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world on the Pacific Ocean. Some of my favorite spots to draw inspiration from are the stunning Stanley Park, Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Capilano River Park, English Bay and Howe Sound which is one of the Pacific Ocean`s inlets. 

I love travelling to get inspired, sometimes revisiting my favorite destinations like Italian Amalfi Coast, Italian Florence and Venice, Spanish Valencia, French Riviera, African Tunisia and the Sahara Dessert, Chinese Suzhou and Shanghai, Thai Phuket and Ko Samui, American Seaside and Olympic National Park and many many other places. However, with all the restrictions in place, I do my plein-airs locally now.

Road of Love

How did the idea of creating the series, devoted to love, came to you? 

I decided to create the series devoted to love because love is one of the most important things in the world. I believe that love is the shortest path to self discovery, love gives us meaning and purpose in life, love makes us inspired, love brings us joy and happiness, love teaches us compassion and gratitude, and this list is endless. 

My series devoted to love includes ten oil paintings, which are showcasing night scenery "Night of Love", "Night of Passion", "Mysterious Night", "At Night" and day scenery in paintings "Road of Love", "Gentle Love", "Daizy", "Velvet Paths", "Blue Paths" and "Yellow and Happy". With these artworks I wanted to remind my viewers about the importance of love in our life. Observing the paintings, you can see different paths, which are allegories of our paths in life. Everybody is experiencing life differently. The only thing that always remains constant for all of us is love; it is the most important thing in the world. We all are taking different paths in life, sometimes through wind and snow, through challenges and struggles. Luckily, all of the paths we take eventually lead to love.

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