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5 Steps to Set up Your Home Office

Working from home has become more popular and prevalent over recent years, as easier internet access allows people to connect anywhere. With the COVID-19 pandemic occurrence, it seems likely that several people will be working from home for the foreseeable future—but many of them are doing so without a dedicated working space or home office. Here is an easy guide to creating the perfect home office for productivity and happiness at work.

Step 1: Choose the Space

A home office should be set up away from busy areas of the home, ideally in a room of its own. As far as you can, choose a space in which you are least likely to be interrupted. Avoid the kitchen area, for example, as this tends to be a popular place for family members or roommates to gather and make noise.

You should also try to choose an area near a window, as natural light has been proven to help with productivity.

Step 2: Clear the Clutter

The next important thing to do is to clear all the mess and clutter from the area and any furniture that you will not need. If you have chosen a spare bedroom, get rid of the bed. Don’t worry, and you don’t need to throw it away; just put it into storage. There are storage facilities available for use all over the world—visit Storage Area for more information.

If you plan to work in just an area of a room, you should still clear some space to make way for a proper office setup. Don’t assume that the dining table will be “good enough,” because it won’t!

Step 3: Purchase Furniture Wisely

When looking to buy a desk and an office chair (the two main essentials), make sure to do your research. The importance of a proper ergonomic chair cannot be understated. Without one, you may experience severe back problems in the long run, as well as reduced day-to-day comfort and lower productivity.

You may also want to consider a convertible standing desk, which can reduce your risk of obesity and lower your blood sugar levels. Think about your health and buy equipment to suit your long-term needs.

Step 4: Get the Right Kit

Whatever your job entails, you will want to make sure you have all the right equipment at home. For most people, a computer is just the beginning. If your workplace provides you with an office laptop, consider buying a monitor to help your eyes and neck, a keyboard to prevent wrist ache, and a mouse, so you don’t have to constantly use a trackpad.

Step 5: Decorate to Your Taste

Decorating a home office is an important way to boost your mood. Consider buying small, unintrusive potted plants for your desk or shelves, as these can remove certain air toxins and increase your concentration by up to 15%. Other small ornaments such as family photos and aesthetically pleasing stationery can make a big difference to your attitude, too. Make the space your own.

However big or small your home office, try to make it somewhere you want to be. You’ll be spending a great deal of time there, so make sure it’s a positive space designed for maximum productivity. The benefits will speak for themselves.

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