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Interview with fine-art photographer Gigi Chung

Gigi Chung is a San Francisco-based fine-art photographer who mainly works in medium-format digital photography. She has come to focus on architectural abstracts with a minimalistic approach. She finds the juxtaposition of light, shadows and lines in architecture fascinating. This continues to inspire her for new ideas. Her art work has been exhibited in multiple galleries and museums in Athens, Chania, Cormons, Glasgow, Greenville, Portland, Minneapolis, Taipei, Trieste, Tokyo, San Francisco and Vermont. Some of Chung’s recent accolades include being selected as Kyotographie KG Plus 2020 featured artist, “Inspired With Hasselblad” featured artist, Cityscape Series Winner in the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Architecture Series Winner in the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Golden Design Award, Top 50 Designers And The Most Popular Design in Photography and Photo Manipulation Category in Novum Design Awards. Her series "Geometric Abstraction" was published in the September issue of Medium Format Magazine.

Gigi Chung

Hi Gigi, please tell us more about your new project on the exploration of vibrant facades "Senza Tempo"?

"Senza Tempo" is my new architectural abstract project. The vibrant facades uplift spirits and energize viewers, bringing hope and glorious awakening to mind and body.

Gigi Chung

In your opinion, what is it about their color geometry that is special?

Color geometry is a sensory perception which evokes physiological and psychological responses in the human body. Bright colors such as red, orange and yellow are stimulating while green is associated with tranquility. The different proportions of color mix create dynamics in the visual plane and facilite eye movements.

Gigi Chung

What awards have you been honored?

My project "Geometric Abstraction" has been awarded Gold Winner in the Personal Portfolio category and Top 5 Jury Pick at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020. I have also received the Juror's Choice Award at the "Abstract" exhibition at Praxis Gallery and this exhibition will open on February 20.

Gigi Chung

What are your plans in the near future (let's say, in 5 years?)

I have been thinking of organizing a print sale possibly in 2021-22 to raise funds for charity, especially Doctors Without Borders. As the world is healing from this pandemic, I hope my small efforts could raise awareness of inequality in medicine access. Of course I would also be interested in collaborating with Jaamzin for a solo online exhibition in the near future ;)

Gigi Chung

How are you inspired by 'energy' in your art? Who influences your art and what motivates you?

I have always admired the works of Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothko. Their non-objective compositions inspire me to embrace simplification and fragmentation. The presentation of geometric shapes creates a rhythm and encourages viewers to reflect on the psycho-spatial relationship between humans and the built environment.

Where else can our readers see more of your art and exhibitions?

My instagram handle is @gigi8188. Please stop by to view my current work.

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