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Tips to Increase Your Workplace Recycling

In the modern world of business, more and more companies are concerned about the impact that they are having on the environment – and for good reason. One of the simplest and most effective ways that you can make your workplace greener is by increasing the amount of workplace recycling you are doing. While this may seem a relatively straightforward thing to achieve, you need to put in place a clear plan of action in order to gain success. 

Collect as Much as Possible 

First of all, if you are able to increase the amount that you collect, this is bound to have a big impact on your recycling. To start off with, you should encourage all of your employees to put their waste in the correct bins. Position these in convenient places all over your workplace. If you have a warehouse, you could look into recycling balers and how these can increase the amount of recycling that you are doing by compressing the waste. This will save you money in shipping out more waste in fewer trips. Don’t forget about all the e-waste items out there, as well as batteries, light bulbs, and printer cartridges. 

Reduce Waste Coming into Your Workplace 

Your next action to take is to reduce the amount of waste that is coming into your workplace in the first place. So, pay close attention to your supply stream and see if there are any cutbacks that you can make. For example, if you put in place a paperless scheme in your office and take everything digital, this is bound to cut back on your paper orders. When you are choosing suppliers to work with, try to prioritize those that are focused on green activities. 

Measure and Report Your Progress 

Just like anything else in business, it is always worth setting yourself goals. People tend to work much better when they are driving towards a target. At the same time, you also need to measure your progress to check whether you are achieving success or not. You can then create a report that you distribute to your employees. This way, they can be inspired by their own actions. Try to include pertinent information such as the number of trees that you have helped to save, etc. 

Reduce Coffee Cup and Water Bottle Usage 

A huge percentage of the waste that comes out of offices tends to be from coffee cups and water bottles. A simple way of helping to address this issue is by giving out some reusable models to your employees, as well as putting in place a coffee machine and a water fountain. Make these cups and bottles with your logo on them, and you even have a bit of advertising thrown in for free! 

While these four steps may seem like they are relatively straightforward, they can all add up to making a big difference to your workplace recycling. Ultimately, every little helps here, and we all need to get involved to create a greener planet for everybody to enjoy long into the future. 

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