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Kaushik Dolui on his new project Near-Infrared

Presently working and living in Kolkata, Kaushik Dolui graduated and completed Master Degree in Economics from Calcutta University. In his childhood days, he did the drawing and painting, later in his mid-twenties he developed an interest in photography. We conducted a short interview about his latest project Near- infrared.

What is your process of creation? What materials do you use?

Basically first thing I select images that are taken in bright sunlight, but not all images which I think do not require a much infrared filter effect, depending on the creative ability of my own. No such material I use except some filter effects by using some specific software.

Near Infrared

What inspired you to create the Near-Infrared series? 

Herein all the images, I tried to use the infrared effect artistically which creates wildly strange and artsy photographs. Sometimes it gives an unpredictable result. I experimented a lot and I think, lastly created some artful images. Selection of images and to what extent this filter I can use is the main criteria so that lastly it creates a mysterious and artful effect In many images, use of infrared effect was least, maintaining the artistic ability of my own.

Near Infrared

Is there any symbolism behind the choice of the subject?

No such symbolism behind the choice of the subject. Simply, I choose old photographs which I think , can be improved with some special effects. Infrared photos were popular in the past but still, I think, anyone can skillfully use them more artistically in our time because of the advancement of digital technology. In most cases, I fix images in monochrome but in some cases, I find it suitable within some light colors. The ideas and creations came to my mind during the Corona-lockdown period. Enforced loneliness compelled me to think differently.

Near Infrared

Do you plan to exhibit Near-Infrared?

At present, I don’t have such a plan. All are in the experimental stage. In the future, if I get satisfied, I may exhibit. The main problem is that I never stick to any creations. Simply I don’t involve myself in the same type of work for a long time.

Near Infrared

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