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Worst Home Infestations You Can Have

Suffering from a home infestation can be an incredibly upsetting time, as having to deal with pests can be a strenuous and time-consuming process. 

If you have ever felt like you were unsure as to when to call for help or how best to protect your home against intrusive pests, here are some of the worst infestations you can have.


Termites are unfortunately somewhat common and immensely dangerous if left unchecked. They can effectively destroy the structural integrity of the home, making them a very expensive nuisance to deal with in the long-term. 

If you suspect you might have a termite infestation, it can be worth checking for any mud tubes and patterns left behind, testing to see whether or not the wood in your home sounds like it has become hollow and started to split, or if any droppings have begun to appear. 

If you notice any clear and obvious signs, it is best to contact a professional as soon as possible to limit the potential damage to your home. Thankfully, there are expert services out there to help, like those on offer at, for when you feel like you need a professional to sort out your problems. 


Rats are many people’s worst nightmare – Musophobia, the fear of rodents, is a commonly shared mindset. 

They can carry a host of diseases, damage your furniture, and generally make the home a less than desirable living space. 

You can spot them by looking out for evidence of gnawing on surfaces, droppings, the sound of scurrying, and unpleasant odors. 

Initially, you may want to start by negating their food resources, sealing away any access to your leftovers, covering your trashcan, and removing pet food from the floor. This may help to reduce their population until the pest control arrives.


Hard to notice because of their minute size, bedbugs can cause all kinds of problems to your general health. 

From painful irritation on the skin to upsetting your sleeping patterns, they are certainly worth protecting yourself against. 

If you suspect you have bedbugs, a thorough wash and scrub of your linen and any soft materials such as soft toys and even the mattress itself are vital. 

Continuing to do this regularly can help to completely eliminate the threat from recurring. Keeping the area around your bed spotless is also a great way to destroy nesting places and prevent the population from spreading. 


A wasp nest inside the home transcends annoyance to become outright dangerous. Wasps can be hard to deal with by yourself if you do not possess the right tools and knowledge. 

Often, destroying the nest itself will not work, as special methods need to be taken to make sure they are fully removed from your home. 

If the wasps are inside your property in hard-to-reach places, it is always worth contacting pest control, but if you feel as though you are able, removing the nest yourself should be done at night with caution as not to anger the insects. 

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