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Dar.Ra - Ballads for the Downtrodden

Irish music artist Dar.Ra’s brand-new album Ballads for the Downtrodden, is his remarkable release to date. It’s 12-track collection that is more laid back, compared to his previous album and extended-plays. Revisiting the vault of tracks, he came across some old material that made the album’s final cut including ‘Evermore’ which was written for his mother’s sad passing. He dives deeper into his songwriting abilities revealing a different storyline than listeners’ are used to with subliminal messages, not that anything sinister and mind controlling is at work but merely to suggest that not everything should be handed away so easily on first experience, which all art should do. Ballads for the Downtrodden, is an album that will bring the chills, draw some tears and leave you with some hope that someone is still carrying the banner for music that moves you on all levels.


When did you release your first solo album? What inspires you to become a singer-songwriter/musician?

‘Soul Hours’ in 2008 on Kusha Deep Records, but I had top forty UK hits with Chrysalis EMI and number 1 dance tracks with 21st Century Records, plus worked with BMG, Polydor and various Indie labels previously to that.

My inspiration comes in different disguises but mainly the thought that one day I might make a record that makes me think I’ve split the atom.

It's something that only Creative’s get, it’s a flow that starts with an idea and ends when you give it to the distributors. It’s that process that’s addictive and keeps you coming back and doing again and again. I guess when that stops being a buzz you find something else that gives you that buzz like wine tasting!

How different are your present musical styles from your most recent EP's than those years? What are the highlights of the rock music that you have produced?

I’m always looking at new ways of climbing the mountain. I’m really a storyteller though masquerading as a Musician, so genres change but the story underlines the reason for creating the framework. ‘New Kinda Normal’ was a mix of EDM and Rock N Roll which we called Rock Step, tracks like ‘Night Stepper’ and ‘Heart Shape Pill’ are good examples of that design, there are characters at the helm.

‘Lights’ on the same album moved me into a vibe I call Gothic Soul which has an 18th-century character called De Milo who I channel if you like. I create characters for tracks and themes to keep things interesting.

Londinium is a Cockney character called Ronny telling the story of his family who goes back through the ages and who have watched his beloved City change into what it is today.

I think if you step up to the mic and just do the same thing it would be boring like a lot of people in the charts who are just doing the same thing over and over again. Some people like that but I would get bored of being the same person after a while. I’m more like being a writer and actor but in a Music frame, I guess. The Beatles on Sgt Peppers started doing that and I picked up on that idea you can be whoever you want, as long as You do something interesting, it's all gravy baby.

Are you also a book author? Which books have you written/published? Why didn't you use the same name for your books and your songwriting career?

A.That’s actually a good question. Probably because I was looking at the time to keep both those areas separate and I felt my full name had more of an Author vibe about. My artist name Dar.Ra is an abbreviated part of my name and anyone that interested will put two and two together after listening to a few interviews.
I’ve written two books to date. ‘Road Tales’ is about being on the road touring for 15 years and meeting mind-blowing people from ordinary walks of life, who all had major life-changing events in their lives that made them think differently and take a different pathway to the one they were on.

‘The Night That Jimi Died’ is about a girl who is born in the same hospital as the one that Jimi Hendrix died in London, she grows up to be able to channel the spirit of Jimi who guides her to save the world through using frequencies to change DNA structures. She enables humans to evolve beyond the Primitive mind, which 90 % of humans reside in.

What is your most rewarding accomplishment?

Having a wonderful partner and a warm bed to sleep in at night. I always want to keep things simple and be grateful for the chance to be here and contribute to the world in some small way.

I was lucky to hang out with older people when I was a teenager and was handed the Tibetan Book Of The Dead to read. That changed the way I looked at life from the word go. They should teach it in school along with Yoga and Meditation.

It would be nice to think that the world might evolve past its present state of ego-driven survival mentality as humanity won't survive the coming Dark Winter if not. Can I say to Your readers thank You all for your time in reading this?

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