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The Challenges Of Change Management

Our modern world of business is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. New challenges are born every single day, as companies seek to adapt their products and their special offerings to meet the expectations of their customers. Competitiveness is only one side of this evolution. On top of this struggle for supremacy, technology and communications are evolving at rates beyond control. Under these circumstances, businesses need to brace themselves to facilitate changes and to do things in new and innovative ways.

Businesses wanting to embrace change and to make the most out of their efforts need to follow a properly structured, rigorous process. They need to make use of familiar tools, but also to prepare their employees to embrace and implement the change. Communication is the only way to overcome the various obstacles and to optimize the activity of a business in such a rapidly changing environment.

The Marks Sattin Change Management program is here to support and facilitate the process of dealing with change. Designed by transformation experts, this framework provides a structured and proven approach to planning for change while ensuring a smooth transition, with only minimal disruptions or resistance. This is how businesses can implement change in their organizations while also catering to their customers and clients as usual.

7 Reasons To Implement This Framework

A webinar that gathered together over 200 business leaders and company managers resulted in a sound ECM value proposition:

"We, as a company, should work to integrate change management and build solid capabilities and competencies because..."

There were several categories of answers. We've grouped them under a few major topics:

Driving more successful change - According to data from the field, driving effective change management brings better results and outcomes to a business. This means that critical projects have a higher rate of success.

Handling the numerous changes that require implementation - Given the huge volume of changes organizations have to face today, becoming more effective at implementing change can do wonders for a business.

Addressing the effects of poorly managed change - Many businesses have a history of bad management decisions in regard to implementing change and overcoming various issues related to doing old things in a new way. The better an organization can manage change, the easier it's going to be to avoid disruptions and to keep their customers happy.

Aligning the practice with their core values and with the mission of the organization - Businesses that have a solid vision and a mission are the ones that have to ensure their practices are aligned with their core values. This can help them achieve their goals much faster and with lower investment of resources. This is the future, so they know they have to embrace it or face insurmountable problems. Good business owners and managers know this very well.

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