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8 Reasons for Nurses to Obtain a DNP in 2021


Transforming patients’ lives and making a positive difference are just a couple of reasons why millions of people go into nursing. Once you’ve earned the relevant credentials and begin your nursing career, you may get to a point where you’re ready to progress through the ranks and seek a different role. In order to go into leadership and management roles in nursing, you must obtain your DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) first.

For nurses who want to take their career to the next level, studying for a DNP can set you apart from the crowd and provide more opportunities. If you’re ready for a challenge and want to climb to the top, here are some of the top reasons why nurses should obtain a DNP this year.

Earn the Highest-Level Nursing Degree

A DNP is the highest point you can reach in terms of nursing qualifications. Should you obtain a DNP, not only will this be a great ego-booster, but it can also help you be taken more seriously by your peers and top experts in your field. Understandably, DNPs are not easy to earn, and a huge chunk of your time will be taken up studying for the degree. However, once you finish the course and include it on your resume, you are sure to command respect and recognition from everyone in the healthcare sector. What’s more, once you complete the degree, there will be no shortage in terms of finding the right role for you. 

Advance Your Career

If you are the kind of person who wants a nursing role filled with lifelong learning opportunities and growth, studying for a DNP can help you fulfill that ambition. In general, DNPs take on several kinds of leadership positions. Once you’ve earned your DNP, you can become a nurse director at a hospital, or even open up your own practice. Many nurses become too accustomed to their role and aspire to climb up the career ladder, so if this sounds like you, a DNP will make a difference and give you more responsibility. 

Increase in Salary

Naturally, once you acquire a DNP degree, all the leadership and responsibility on your shoulders will come with higher pay. In fact, it’s estimated that nurses who obtain a DNP can see their salary reach over $100,000 per year. While money shouldn’t be the main motivator in pursuing the degree, when it comes to leading a good quality of life and having financial security and stability for you and your loved ones, going back into education and getting your DNP seems like a no brainer. Also, you need to remember that while there will be more pressure and demand in higher-paid roles, if you’re passionate about nursing and want to be at the top, you are sure to be accommodated well in terms of salary. 

Boost Your Skillset

There is always something new to learn in nursing. No matter what field you work in or the qualifications you currently possess, a DNP can teach you new skills that can be utilized effectively in your role. Whether it’s becoming a better communicator, reassessing your time management skills, or working as part of a team, throughout your DNP degree, you will have chance to hone in on your skills and acquire new ones that can boost your resume and open more career doors. 

Gain Increased Job Security

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to find a career that provides job security. With millions of people losing their jobs due to the outbreak, you may decide that it’s time to go back into education and earn more credentials to boost your job prospects. A DNP degree will increase your job security, especially with the anticipated physician and nursing shortage on the horizon. If you’re a nursing graduate, continuing your education and looking into graduate nursing programs from schools like Marymount University will help you stay competitive and get you the nursing role you want. 

Option to Teach

Unfortunately, we’re at a critical moment in nurse education. There simply aren’t enough nurse educators available across the United States to teach the future generation of nurses. Because of this shortage, this has caused thousands of aspiring nurses to be denied acceptance at nursing school. If you like being in the classroom and believe you have what it takes to teach and motivate future nurses, a DNP will give you the skills and credentials to become a nurse educator. 

Learn from Anywhere

If you are a nurse who is ready to propel your career forward but are worried about having enough time to commit to a DNP, you can study for the degree online. This means you can learn from anywhere in the world and at a time and leisure that suits you. We all understand the long, tiring shifts nurses work, so if you cannot attend in-person lectures and seminars due to your schedule, there is the option to study for your DNP online. To get the most out of your program, make sure you allocate time to your learning, remove distractions, and take regular breaks. There are lots of providers who offer online DNP programs, but to ensure you find the right one, it may be worth speaking to past alumni who will give an honest account of their experience. 

Become Your Own Boss

Some nurses grow tired of being told what to do and decide that they would like to work for themselves. Understandably, opening your own independent clinic is a huge decision to make, which is why you must have the top credentials behind you to qualify and be taken seriously. A DNP degree is a fantastic option for nurses who want to be more independent and be in charge of their own operation. 

Studying for a DNP degree can transform your nursing career for the better as it is a versatile degree that can prepare you for all kinds of roles. So, no matter what nursing specialties interest you most, going back into education and obtaining your DNP will set you up for a successful career in nursing. 

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