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Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Every organization has different approaches, and their sales cycle determines how quickly they close the deal. 

How is your sales cycle - is it short or long? 

It is good if your sales cycle is shorter because it helps in closing the deals quickly by saving more time on sales activities and thereby yields a better ROI. 

In case your sales cycle is long, you could shorten it with good knowledge about your prospects and valid data. With good knowledge about your prospect, you can develop sales tactics to shorten your sales cycle.

 Here are a few ways to achieve a shorter sales cycle.

Building a Proper Email List

It is essential for you to have a prospect list with the correct email addresses. Otherwise, you would end up spending time on email addresses that don’t exist or incorrect email addresses. 

You can use free email finder tools like to locate the email addresses of your prospects. This tool allows you to find up to ten email addresses for free every month. 

If you wish to do a search beyond this, you need to opt for the paid plan. 

This free email finder tool comes with a chrome extension, which is helpful to scrape the email addresses from the LinkedIn platform.

Have all Your Customer Information in One Place 

A 360-degree view of your prospects helps access the entire journey of a prospect with you, understand past behaviors, get insights. 

By having complete details in one place, the sales and marketing team get insights into each other’s funnel. These insights help them have meaningful interactions with prospects and ensure that you give them the right suggestion at the right point in time.

Set Common Goal & Motivate Your Sales Team 

For a sales team working towards the common goal is the highest motivating factor apart from the incentive. 

So let them know what is expected of them by specifying the timeline and lead numbers and then tracking their progress with a tool. 

When you give a good incentive, you will find your sales team giving their highest potential towards achieving the target before the deadline, consequently speeding up your sales cycle.

Automated Email Activity 

Taking care of the email activity consumes a lot of your time which you could otherwise spend on performing other essential tasks. 

Hence, you could automate this process by creating a sequence of personalized emails that can be sent at specific times and intervals. 

The automated system allows you to send welcome emails to new customers or prospects, manage follow-up with ease, and easily focus on selling!

Use Artificial Intelligence to Give a Personalized Experience 

When you have artificial intelligence in your process, you can be sure that none of your prospects are left unattended, distinguish hot and cold prospects without any hassle, and take immediate action on leads at serious risk.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article gave you some new insights about managing sales activity that could shorten the sales cycle. There are many other ways too, and you can incorporate all that applies to your business.
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