Interview with sculptor Michel Anthony

Sculptor Michel Anthony is among the best sculptors in the South of France. His bronze works has been displayed in Louvre, Paris and Palais Royale in Monaco. Michel Anthony’s talent is also well recognized by UNESCO. Michel’s modern contemporary style, both in his sculpture and his paintings, bespeaks understated elegance, letting the material shine and the message speak for itself. His iconic work, "L'Amour Flamboyant" combines the nature, humanity and passion. The transformational expression highlights the direction of dialogues in peace and human affairs. Human body, the intelligence of nature and our spiritual core all become integrative in his art. Through the special arrangement of a boutique PR agency, has teamed up with Isabell Tinred, a Scandinavian award-winning model to represent the works of Michel. We have conducted a short interview with Michel.

Michel Anthony
Michel Antony and Isabell Tinred

What is the dimension or element in your works of art specific to "peace meets beauty”?

The flow of my works is to inspire and the essence of art my works by creating beauty through sustain of simplicity because simplicity & humanity leads to peace.

Could you highlight your experience as a sculptor on a piece of bespoke art you've made that impresses you a lot personally?

I created my globe for a person who wanted to represent all the facets of his complex enterprise which was to save people. In doing these I worked with him anew out inspiration for the piece of art. It was so special to create these art and bring to life the essence of his enterprise.

"L'Amour Flamboyant"
"L'Amour Flamboyant"

What made you and Isabell Tinred a great team (that you can find in no other)?

When I found her I find her to have essential creativity and a dimension in her natural inclusivity that makes it easy for her to create an extremly valuable and such and efficient team.

Besides bronze artful forms of sculpture, which other medium or media do you like to use in your art expression?

I've created many sculptures in bronze, it would be great to have my pieces in marble as well and additionally I have other works and material apart from bronze I have paintings in oil and acrylic on canvases.

Isabell Tinred
Isabell Tinred

How do you describe your initial feelings when your works of art were chosen to be displayed in Louvre, Paris and Palais Royale in Monaco?

When I was first chosen I was in shock! its an adventure but this one is extra special. when I am invited to participate in a display there is always an excitement and anxiety at the same time, as to what would be the reaction of the public to the art pieces shown. Also feel proud and so honoured that my works are on display for the people to interact with my creation.

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